Write For VoElla

Write For VoElla

A lot of what makes VoElla such a brilliant place to work is the HUGE connection it has with its readers. We get emails from you every single day, and love your comments on Twitter and Facebook, ranging from the witty and hilarious to the truly considered and impactful.

So we’re inviting you to bring those skills onto VoElla.com and write for us.

In around 600 words, we want to hear about something that’s really struck a chord with you; whether it be something that had a profound effect on you emotionally; something that was traumatic, but you’ve come out of the other side and want to share your story; a mind-blowing experience you’ve had; a life lesson you’ve learned; or just something that happened to you that was hilarious and that we and the world need to know about contact us.

Maybe you want to share an experience you’ve had that you feel will help or motivate other women going through the same things.

If you are a beauty or fashion blogger and have a unique flare and style that will compliment what we do at VoElla then do get in touch.

You may want to share your Sex Tips & Tricks with us or just share your experience on what you find to be sexy and why. If you enjoy writing short sensual stories why not share them with our readers.

So, if you can hold your own in the writing stakes then please get in touch now!

Please don’t be offended if what you send is not to our taste and therefore unacceptable. Due to the level of submissions we receive we can only reply to successful applicants. If you don’t hear back from us it means you have been unsuccessful in your application this time.

Thank you for your interest in VoElla.

Amanda & John x

Writers Wanted