The Art Of Falling In Love ~ Opening Day For Malcolm by Camille Wylde

The Art Of Falling In Love ~ Opening Day For Malcolm

This is Chapter 7 of The Art Of Falling In Love.

He was in his glory basking in all the adulation of his public. Of course, most of them were women who imagined themselves as the inspiration and muse for his erotic paintings. Truth be told – none were. He just liked to make them think that way. Kept his amusement going.

Malcolm was not a bad guy, but he did enjoy the women, and he knew how to make a woman feel like she was the only woman on earth, at least in his eyes. Malcolm was used to getting his way and not used to being told no. His talent was as big as his ego, and his ego warranted such a big talent.

Even as a young boy, his ability to draw and paint was far beyond his age. His raw artistic talents matched his IQ. He had been a member of MENSA from his early teens. The problem was that he was also extremely handsome with chiseled features, dark brooding eyes, dark wavy hair and dark skinned. Tall, dark, and handsome – Malcolm was the epitome of that old cliché.

But tonight, Malcolm was antsy – pacing back and forth like a caged panther constantly watching the doors at the 2025 for her – Lily. No other woman had ever affected him the way she did. In fact, for the first time in his life, Malcolm cared about what a woman thought of him. He cared whether or not a woman liked him. He cared about a woman and how she felt. Damn! How the hell did Thomas snag her? I lost to him once. I’ll be damned if I lose to him again!

Thomas and Malcolm had been friends since college. Both came from wealthy families, and both were part of a group that were artists and writers. Both high on the intelligence scales, and both had fallen in love with the same girl. It ended badly, almost killed Thomas and almost destroyed their friendship. And in the end? Well, she just wasn’t worth it. Since that time, since Melissa, both men were determined to never fall in love again. Both resolved to use women the way they had been used by Melissa.

Until now, that resolve had stayed strong. Not to say that there were those very special times when a woman had come along and snatched at their hearts, but inevitably, it ended in pain and grief. Who wanted to go through that again? Melissa revisited.

The door to the street swooshed open. Malcolm looked up with joy expecting to see Lily and Thomas rushing in, but no. It was another guest, another “Malcolm’s Girls” wannabes. Stiletto heels, tight dress accentuating curves, heavy make-up, and seductive glances toward him and his crotch. Slight wink, lick of the lips, nod of the head, and he normally went in for the kill. But not tonight. He wanted to see Lily.

Well into the opening reception and they still had not arrived. Damn Thomas! At least, he should be here. This was one of the most important nights of the new summer season. Malcolm could only imagine what was keeping them. Tossing down a full glass of wine, he slammed his glass on the reception table and glared at the wannabe blaming her and all the others before.

Sullen face, sullen demeanor, he was ready for a fight tonight. And he wanted Lily tonight! He was going to make sure he got her.

“Lily! Wake up! We’re late!” Thomas shook Lily awake. Satiated from the love making, they had fallen into a state of deep sleep in each other’s arms.

“Mmmm… Thomas? Late?” Lily turned toward him with sleepy eyes and a half smile. Reaching toward him, she snuggled into his arms and kissed his chest gently. Moving slowly, she nibbled and sucked at his skin as she moved her body into his. He could feel how wet she was already, and he was certainly responding to her touch.

“Seriously, love. We are really late for Malcolm’s opening. I have to be there. He’ll have my head for this. We should have been there two hours ago.”

Lily bolted out bed. “Thomas! Why didn’t you wake me sooner? I have to shower and dress. We’ll never make it!”

“Calm down, Lily. You look beautiful.”

Thomas rose out of bed holding onto her hand. “I hate leaving this, but we really have to go.”

Thirty minutes later, they were racing to the 2025. Screeching to a halt at the front door, Thomas leapt out of the driver’s side letting the valet attendant help Lily out of her door. Taking her elbow, he almost ran down a couple entering the door. And there was Malcolm! Glaring at Thomas. As soon as his eyes set on Lily, though, his face went soft and a warm smile crossed his face.

“About time! Am I not important to you? Perhaps I should just take my work to someone else! Hmm, Thomas?” Malcolm glowered at Thomas.

“Malcolm, please, it was my fault. I fell asleep and just could not wake up. Don’t be so cross with Thomas.” Lily looked up at Malcolm with her green eyes begging for forgiveness. How could he be angry at her?

“Well, all right. But you owe me a dance for this.”

As with all of the 2025 opening receptions, Thomas hired a small dance band that played the old standards – perfect to drink wine and dance to. The ambiance was important to a successful opening, and no one did it better than Thomas.

Malcolm swept Lily away to the back of the gallery where the band was playing an old Frank Sinatra favorite, “The Way You Look Tonight.” Thomas followed the pair to the dance floor and watched as Malcolm masterfully danced Lily around the room. He was a perfect dancer, and Lily was obviously enjoying it. God, she was beautiful as she moved her hips in line with Malcolm. Her hands gently resting in Malcolm’s and … Wait! What the hell? He didn’t like the way Malcolm was looking at Lily. And the way Malcolm was pressing into her really pissed him off. Thomas’s jaw set. Uh, uh, Buddy. Not this time!

Malcolm could sense Thomas’s anger rising. He purposefully wound Lily closer to where he stood. Lily had no idea of the drama between the two men. She loved dancing. And while she would have preferred to be dancing with Thomas, Malcolm was an expert and moved her around the dance floor so well. Then, she saw Thomas and the set of his jaw.

“Lily, to my office, now! Malcolm, outside!”

“Thomas? What’s wrong?” Lily became apprehensive at the look on Thomas’s face and the smirk on Malcolm’s.

Everyone in the gallery was staring. No one was sure what to say or do. Conversations stopped and patrons shuffled in embarrassment.

“Now, now, Tommy! Calm down. I’m just dancing with the pretty little flower. Lily, you better do as he says. It’ll be all right.” Malcolm winked and licked his lips. “Come on, Tommy. No harm.”

The band stopped mid note waiting for a cue to either stop or continue. Thomas waved them to continue. “Malcolm, outside. Lily, I’ll be back in a minute. Wait for me in my office.”

Minutes passed by, and Lily paced wondering what was happening. She had not seen Thomas like this, but then she didn’t know him very well either. She and Malcolm were just dancing, nothing more. If Thomas was this jealous over a dance, what is he like in other things? God, I cannot do this – not again!

The office door opened, and Thomas stood there, disheveled, watching her. Lily looked at him with a furtive glance – not knowing if she should say something or let it go. His face had the start of bruising around the jaw, and his clothes were scruffed and dirty. She waited.

Thomas slowly and carefully walked up to Lily. “Do you want to go?”

“What’s wrong, Thomas? Please, tell me what I did wrong! Why were you so angry?”

“Ah, Lily. It’s not you. I saw you dancing with him and old memories of someone long ago surfaced. Something between me and Malcolm – nothing to do with you. Well, it’s everything to do with you. Dammit, I love you Lily! I will not lose you to him!”

“Thomas! Why would you say that? I think I’m falling in love with you. He’s no one to me – just an artist that is here. A friend of yours. That’s all!”

She reached toward him. He took her hands and pulled her into him. The sparks flew as always. There was a current that flowed whenever the two touched. That current could not be stopped any more than either could stop breathing.

Thomas kicked the door closed with his foot. Damned all the guests and damned Malcolm! Lily was his, and he would not let anything stop him this time. She was not another Melissa.

He hungrily placed his mouth on Lily’s almost crushing into her. Lily let out a small cry at the ferocity of his kiss. She moved her arms to hold him as he began to grasp her breasts and her ass. Pulling her into him tighter with force. She tried to slow him, but he was intent on making his claim here and now with her.

He pushed her away just long enough to pull her dress over her head, and lifting her, carried her over to his desk. Thomas shoved everything off his desk and onto the floor knowing that the crash was heard in the outer rooms. His mind went to Malcolm. In his mind’s eye, he saw the look on Malcolm’s face as he told him Lily was his and would belong only to him. The look of a hurt animal was all that Thomas remembered, and that was the look he saw in his mind now as he pushed Lily onto his desk.

Ripping his pants off, Thomas spread Lily’s legs and ripped at her panties. “Thomas, please!” Lily looked at him with shock and panic.

“Lily, you are mine!”

Lily responded even though she was frightened. Thomas felt how wet she had become, and he was hard and ready to take her.

Fingering her first to excite her even more, he heard Lily gasp and moan with desire. Watching her intently, he spread her legs and thrust inside of her hard and fast. Lily gasped, opening her eyes wide at the intensity of his thrust.

She tilted her hips toward him and grasped at his back. Raking her fingernails along his back and clutching his ass pulling him deeper into her, she met his intensity with heat of her own sensing his need to claim her and mark her as his. Animalistic, primal, to be sure. Impassioned and heated, definitely.

They rocked together, both crying out and moaning as they focused on their own individual craving for each other. Neither thought of anything else but what was burning inside.

Lily was edging closer to orgasm, and Thomas was becoming harder with each thrust. Deeper she pulled him in.

Her cries becoming louder. His cries matching her own. Lily felt him throb inside of her as she throbbed inside tightening against him.

She arched her back in one final thrust as Thomas held inside of her with a final plunge. Both cried out in the ecstasy of joining mutual orgasmic climax. Juices flowing together, thrust for thrust, pulsating, undulating, entering the final peak simultaneously.

Spent, Thomas fell onto Lily, panting and sweating. Both unable to speak or move, they could only hold onto each other as they trembled in the remnants of passion.

“Lily, I love you! There is no way I could ever not love you. Know that this day, you are mine!”

“Thomas, I love you!”

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By Camille Wylde

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