Tania Fye Secret Diaries ~ Amsterdam by Amanda Carrington

Tania Fye Secret Diaries-Amsterdam

This story is part of the Tania Fye Secret Diaries series.

Stepping from the plane, still flushed from her daydream and cheeky neighbour, Tania composed herself as she walked into Schipol airport.

Rick Sneider would be here to meet her and whisk her up to his Head Office in Almeria just outside the city centre. It was a grey overcast day as always at this time of year in Holland. She pulled her jacket around her against the cold air and strode through the airport and out into the sprawling Arrivals Hall.

There he was, smiling that big beautiful smile that made her heart melt a little every time. He rushed over and flung his arms around her.

“Tania” he said, his nose in her hair. The three obligatory kisses lingering more than normal against her cheeks.

“Hello Rick”, she said pulling away from his embrace to look up at him. He was as tall and as handsome as she remembered.

“Come on, we don’t have long”, he said as he grabbed her hand and led her through the busy terminal.

She tried to keep up with his long stride having to do a double step every now and again to meet his pace. She hadn’t realised how much she’d missed him until now.

He looked great for his age, the eldest of her lovers at 55 years old. He worked out 5 days a week and was tall, fit, and his rugged good looks did not go unnoticed by the ladies.

Arriving at his car, he swung her around to face him and crushed his lips against hers in a long passionate “I’ve missed you” kiss. His after-shave was filling her senses and he smelled and tasted divine.

His hands roamed up and down her body making her feel weak with desire. She was still feeling damp and horny from her in-flight fantasy. They drove through the beautiful countryside catching up on all the latest gossip: who was doing who, who had been fired, who was divorcing etc. Before she knew it they were pulling up outside the immense office buildings and warehouses of X2Z, the biggest sex toy wholesaler in Europe.

He helped her down from the Audi Q7. It was a beast of a car and rather high up. She lifted her skirt up to descend as she was constricted by the tightness of it around her knees.

He caught his breath as he glanced at those fine legs encased in the trademark black stockings. He’d enjoyed many a night removing those personally, he felt himself stirring at the thought.

Tania gave him a knowing look as she pulled her skirt back down to her knees once her feet were firmly on the ground. She walked ahead of him into the reception area giving him chance to check her out from behind.

The smart grey pencil skirt hugged her behind beautifully. She had an incredible shape and a great ass. The matching jacket tapered at the waist to enhance her curves, her tiny waist making her hips and bosom all the more prominent. The high heels adding to the swing of her hips as she walked. Jesus, she was hot in every single way, and today she was his for the taking and he was going to make the most of it.

He didn’t get to see her nearly as much as he wanted.

She enjoyed the feel of his eyes on her behind. She knew exactly what was running through his mind. She was such a tease but she got a huge kick out of it and so did he. Her phone pinged in her bag; she took it out and glanced down. It was Guy Eddison on WhatsApp.

“When were you going to tell me you were out of the country Tania? Do I have to read everything on your Twitter account?” Oh dear, Guy was getting jealous again.

He’d been away for 3 months and all of a sudden he was back, expecting monogamy.

“You know the score” she typed quickly in return, pushing the off button before he could respond.

Sometimes he infuriated her with his jealous quips. He seemed to sometimes forget the understanding they had the more familiar they became. She would deal with him later, for now she had more important things on her mind than a jealous lover.

She followed Rick through the long corridors and joined him in the elevator up to the 7th floor where his sprawling office suites took the entire 1000m2 of the top floor. His office was one of the most spectacular spaces she had ever been in and she had been in some beauties.

Anja, his PA, was sitting behind her huge glass desk typing away on her iMac as they entered.

“Miss Fye,” she said smiling, “how lovely to see you again”.

Tania leant in and again gave the obligatory three kisses.

“I’m fine thank you Anja, and it’s lovely to see you too”.

She smiled warmly, she had always liked this woman.

Rick pushed her through into his office and closed the door behind him. He quickly popped his head back out and muttered something in Dutch to Anja, probably “Do Not Disturb”. Tania bit her lip in anticipation.

The big glass conference table had the most beautiful arrangement of white lilies in the middle. There must have been 50 or 60 in the giant crystal vase. It was huge.

Of course the flowers here were a penny a dozen, cheap and beautiful. The scent of the flowers was quite overpowering considering the size of the open space.

The white room and rugs and glass furniture were brought alive by the colourful pictures hanging on the walls. Trophies and cups from various industry awards stood proudly in huge glass cabinets all down one side of the office.

A beautiful silver leather chaise longue sat in the corner on a huge white shag-pile carpet, the size of a small apartment. And the life-size beautiful bronze statue, of her very own naked body, stood beside it, her gift to him on his 50th birthday.

The floor-to-ceiling windows looked out over the immense flat countryside, beautiful even on such a grey day.

“Coffee?” he asked as he flicked on the Nespresso machine at the bar.

“Mmmm, I’d love one” she replied whilst slipping out of her jacket.

The room was warm and accommodating, for such a large space it was very cosy. She slipped into the chair in front of his desk, the smooth white leather enveloping her in a soft embrace. Everything was so luxurious in this room; she loved it here and had many fond and dirty memories.

She watched him move around the bar, his broad shoulders and strong arms so enticing and sexy. Her thoughts wandered to their last rendezvous, in her London offices. “Penny for your thoughts” he said handing her a cup of coffee.

“I was remembering your last visit to my office” she smiled; her eyes alight with that naughty sparkle that he loved.

His eyes misted over as he thought back to their last encounter.

“That was a unforgettable visit indeed and I remember it well” he said. “I’m hoping today will be just as memorable, Tania” he said as he tucked her stray hair back behind her ear.

He loved to do that. Whenever he spoke to her on Skype it frustrated the hell out of him that he couldn’t reach in and do that. She always had that stray hair that fell when her hair was pulled up.

She pushed her face against his hand like a cat; it was warm and smelled of his aftershave. He walked around the desk to his chair and sat before her. She sipped on her coffee and their eyes held each others for a moment before either spoke.

“Shall we get this business out of the way so we have the rest of the day for pleasure?”, he asked with a raised eyebrow.

“That sounds like a perfect plan” she nodded, draining her coffee and placing the cup back in its saucer on the huge glass desk.

He pulled out a folder from a drawer somewhere under his desk.

“Right, we have the lingerie and Ecstasy line for sole UK Distribution”.

He ran through both contracts, they were pretty standard and they’d gone through the same procedure many times. Tania Fye had been the exclusive UK distributor for X2Z for almost 8 years now. Every time a new line was introduced they had new contracts to sign.

Unbeknown to her, this was Rick’s way of getting her to Holland; it really wasn’t necessary at all as their initial contract covered all bases. She signed on the dotted line on all 8 pages and handed them back to him. He signed, then stapled them together and put two copies in a Manila envelope and passed them to her.

“Thanks” she said and tucked them into her brand new Prada briefcase.

“Let’s go down to Production and you can see the new line up of lingerie while you still look presentable”.

He laughed as he jumped up and pulled her out of the chair. She landed straight in his arms and he wrapped her up and pulled her against him.

“My God I’ve missed you Tania” he mumbled, his hands resisting the urge to pull the pins from her hair.

He breathed her in, the subtle aroma of Coco Chanel drove him crazy. She could feel him hardening against her belly and she stirred deep down inside.

“Come, let’s go before I ravish you right here, right now” he said gruffly, his breath quickening.

“Let’s skip the production Rick. I want to be ravished right here”.

“Oh Baby” he moaned pulling her back into his arms and pulling out the pins that held up her hair. He loved to feel her hair around his fingers. It fell, without her trying, into a beautiful mane on her shoulders.

He pushed her over to the wall near the window and quickly punched a code into his wall-mounted iPod. The windows went dark so you could no longer see in, although you could still see out.

His lips came down on her hard; he was so hungry for this woman. He’d had to masturbate before picking her up, otherwise this would have been over in a second and still he was bursting. He’d found himself masturbating more and more since he’d met her; this amazing woman had thrown his normal life into turmoil.

She pushed him away.

“Give me two minutes”, she said as she walked towards his private master suite.

She knew this place like the back of her hand and she had some personal things in his closet. She gently closed the door on him as he flicked through the iPod looking for her playlist. She knew he knew what she was up to.

She found what she was looking for and quickly slipped out of her business clothes and into one of the outfits she kept here for special visits like these. This one would do nicely, she thought as she quickly dressed.

Catching sight of herself in the mirror she was pleased with the outcome. Looking every inch the high class hooker, she pinned her hair back up and sauntered back into the main office. Roc Me Out by Rihanna was playing in the air and he was sprawled comfortably on the silver chaise longue, waiting for her.

“Oh Miss Fye, you look fabulous” Rick mused, his eyes full of lust and desire and longing for her. He ran his tongue across his lower lip.

She was wearing a black just-above-the-knee raincoat, buttoned up with the collar high up around her neck. Her long stockinged legs, beautifully toned and shaped, exposed to the the knees. A belt pulled tight and tied in a knot at the front accentuating her small waist and full bosom.

Her hair pinned up, and that seductive “I’m going to have you” look on her face.

She mouthed the lyrics to the song as she began to dance for him.

So give it to me like I want it
This is for your eyes only
Roc me out, back and forth
Roc me out, on the floor

Give it to me like I need it
You know how to make me feel it
Roc me out, more and more
Roc me out, on the floor

She watched him as he unzipped his trousers and released himself from the tightness of his underwear, flaunting his pleasure to her. She bit into her bottom lip, in the way she knew drove him crazy.

Little by little exposing herself to him, gently grinding her hips, almost in slow motion. Watching him touch himself was almost too much for Tania, she could feel the dampness between her thighs as she gyrated her hips with the music.

Alicia Keys’ “No one” filled the room, and she began to undo the coat and remove it, casually brushing nipples with fingertips. He stilled his hand, so she knew he was close.

His heart raced as he watched her. He began to move his hand up and down his shaft slowly, teasing. He knew this turned her on in a big way. She removed her coat to the music in such a sensual and provocative way that he had to slow down again.

She was so damn sexy and danced so well it was like the music became a part of her. His pulse was throbbing in his neck, his blood rushing through his ears and he had the feeling in the pit of his stomach that only she provoked.

She stood before him in a black lace corset that encased her breasts like a second skin and left nothing to the imagination. It covered her flat stomach and led down to her matching transparent thong and the attached garter belt that stretched down her thighs to connect with the black stockings.

He was in a trance like state, watching her move her hips with such precise rhythm as if she herself was the music. He began to move his hand slowly again, up and down the length of the hard flesh that burned for her. She continued to move around the room before him, dipping and swinging those hips, her arms and fingers moving with such elegance.

Finally the pièce de résistance, Rihanna’s “Rude Boy”, began to pound through the speaker system.

She beckoned at him with her finger as she mouthed the lyrics to him.

Come here rude boy, boy, can you get it up?
Come here rude boy, boy, is you big enough?
Take it, take it, baby, baby
Take it, take it, love me, love me

She leant forwards, flashing ample cleavage while she unhooked the suspenders from the tethered stockings, teasing him by dragging out every action. He watched on wide-eyed as she slipped the straps off her shoulders and turned her back to him, that beautiful backside wiggling before him in all its shapely glory.

He kept on stroking himself as he watched her, pacing himself, not wanting to rush. She raised her hands behind her back and slowly unhooked the corset all the way up, still moving in the most arousing way he had ever witnessed. She turned back to face him and lifted the corset away from her body leaving her beautiful breasts on full display.

She was perfect in every way – he was always amazed by the sight of her. He drew in his breath and began to undo his shirt, never taking his eyes off her. She seemed to lose herself in the music, she was aroused, her eyes cloudy with desire.

Tania loved this, dancing made her hot and feel sexy, she loved to seduce with the art of dance. She moved slowly, grinding her hips, feeling her own wetness on her inner thighs.

She moved towards him still gyrating and moving her body to the music. She could easily reach orgasm just by dancing for him. Watching him, watching her, knowing she had the power to make him so hot and hard.

The feel of her fingers on her flesh was making her gasp. Teasing herself to tease him was a dangerous game if she lost the balance. She placed her index finger in her mouth and sucked on it gently before running it all the way down her body and tucking into the tiny g-string. The connection of finger and clitoris made her catch her breath as an electric current seemed to run through her body.

Rick jumped from the chaise longue, he couldn’t bear it any longer. He pulled the pins from her hair and let it fall around her naked shoulders. He pulled, half dragged her over to the huge glass table.

“You drive me crazy, Tania” he said with such conviction.

She melted against him, feeling his erection on her naked skin, she moaned with longing.

“Take me now, Rick,” she groaned against his neck, “fast and hard baby”.

He flipped her around and pushed her over the glass table, it was cold and made her gasp as her skin tightened at the touch. He ripped the thong from her body and threw it aside like a discarded tissue.

He dipped his hand between her thighs, she was hot and oh so wet. He slipped two fingers inside her while whispering obscenities in her ear. He knew what she liked.

She was desperately pushing against his fingers, wanting more, wanting deeper. He raised his fingers to his lips and tasted her sweet nectar on his wet fingers. He flipped her over onto her back and began to feast on one rosy pink nipple while slipping his fingers back inside her.

“Fuck me Ricky”, Tania begged.

“I need to feel you inside me, I want you to fill me, I want you to fuck me hard NOW!” She almost screamed at him.

Pulling the condom from his trouser pocket he opened it with his teeth and rolled it onto his hard pulsating member. He slipped out his fingers covered in her juices and pushed only his tip inside her. He pulled her legs swiftly over his shoulders and hovered above her, an arm either side of her head.

She tried to lift her hips to take him in but he kept her right on the brink.

“Tell me what you want baby”, he licked his tongue around her ear as he whispered.

“I want you to Fuck me Ricky, take me, let me feel you. I want you to pound into me like a fucking animal!”

With one quick move he was inside her, he couldn’t hold back anymore, Tania’s muscles squeezed him so tight it almost hurt. They moaned loudly in unison, the music bringing their bodies into a rhythmic musical beat.

“I’ve waited for this, Tania” he hissed through clenched teeth.

Feeling her hot and wet, wrapped around him, was the most amazing feeling.

She loved to feel him thrashing against her, his need and wanting obvious in his every move. The wetness of her on him sounded sensational, every thrust was music to her ears. He filled her so beautifully and he knew just what to say into her ear to make her crazy.

His use of the English language was perfectly filthy. He picked her up and flipped her back over onto her stomach on the glass table, taking her by surprise. He loved to take her from behind and she loved to be taken so.

Her taut round ass was now perfectly displayed before him. He slipped straight back inside her without missing a beat. Pumping into her like a man possessed. He leant around and caught her nipples between his thumb and forefinger while the other held her tightly in place as he pounded against her.

“I’m gonna come baby, come with me” he pleaded whilst gripping her tight and moving ever harder and faster.

She was ready to release, she pushed hard against him letting him fill her completely. He roared as he released all that had been building up inside him for weeks. She felt his body shudder, his hands tightened. Hearing him was all it took, she exploded in a multi-coloured firework display around him, still riding him for all she was worth.

She let out an almighty groan as she came with such force she couldn’t catch her breath. The weight of him on her back, the cold touch of the table, the heat in her groin – she was in another dimension. Her heart was pounding so hard she thought he might be able to hear it. She gripped him inside her so hard he moaned again, his mouth on her back, his breath heavy on her skin.

They lay there for what seemed like a lifetime before either spoke. Catching their breath, holding themselves up against the heavy table. His hand gently began to caress her hair as he placed gentle kisses on her shoulders.

“I love you, Tania” he whispered against her ear.

She froze beneath him and he could have kicked himself for saying those words aloud.

“Rick, please,” she mumbled, “you know the situation. You have a huge business here and I have mine in London, neither of us can give up what we have”.

“I know baby, I know, I’m sorry”.

He pulled himself out of her, feeling deflated in more ways than one. He pulled off the condom and walked over to the bathroom. As Tania watched him walk away from her, she smiled. He hadn’t even bothered to remove his trousers.

His shoulders were slumped and and his stance had changed. She felt a pang in her heart. He came back from the bathroom with that beautiful smile back in place like a mask. She knew he was putting on a brave face for her.

“Right, beautiful lady,” he said pulling her into his arms, “let’s go and have some food.”

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By Amanda Carrington

Amanda Carrington
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