Midtown Sexcapades ~ Midtown Friday Night by Camille Wylde

Midtown Friday Night by Camille Wylde

This is Chapter 2 of Midtown Sexcapades by Camille Wylde.

Friday night in Midtown! Tonight is the Friday night Shakespeare Festival. Blair was looking forward to this night. As an entertainment journalist for the Sacramento Midtown Happenings rag, it was her suggestion that she attend the opening night of the Summer Shakespeare Festival.

The opening play this year was all male cast doing Romeo and Juliet. Of course, for Blair, it wasn’t the play she was interested in. There was one male in particular she was most interested in – Greg. He was a regular in the Shakespeare Festival often directing and starring as he was this run, and he taught improv at the local community college. Summer season was the time for his interns to try their skills.

The thought of all guys doing Romeo and Juliet was something that Blair was not going to miss. But particularly because Greg was Romeo. Blair had only met him a few years ago. They had talked for hours that night after the play – Much Ado About Nothing. She had felt a pull then, but he was married, and that was a definite deal breaker for her.

In her mid-40s, Blair had worked hard to stay in shape. Oh, she had put on some weight over the years, but they only added to her curves and sensuality. She was one of those women who turned heads where ever she went. Dark, long hair that fell mid back, bright blue eyes, olive skin – all added to an exotic look that could have been straight from an old New Orleans Ann Rice novel.

And tonight, she was ready to play the part of the seductress with Greg – that is, if everything went according to plan. And she always got what she wanted. Tonight, she wanted Greg!

Greg? Well, his marriage had ended badly. His wife just wasn’t into Shakespeare and the long summer nights he spent away from her. She had taken a lover on the side, and the word was that Greg had caught them in his own bed.

Blair had felt saddened from hearing it, but decided she would try to get him back on the proverbial horse. There had been an instant attraction, and she intended to find out if it was still there.

Blair assessed herself in the hall mirror before leaving her flat. Red dress showing just enough of cleavage to draw the eyes, form fitting enough to reveal her sensual curves – especially when she walked. Slit up to mid-thigh from the below the knee hem revealing toned legs, and a low dip in the back showing a muscular well-toned back. Her arms were toned, but not over muscular, and curved just right from the spaghetti straps.

Her shoes were only two-inch heels, but they were strappy sandals that made her feet look as dainty as they were. Hair? Soft curls flowing around her shoulders and cascading down her back. She hoped that when she walked it would swing just a bit. Yep! She looked hot! Well, hopefully enough to seduce Greg.

Turning off 15th Avenue at the Amphitheatre, she found parking right away. She laughed – she always got great parking spaces, she was lucky that way. There was already a line at the ticket stand, but she had hers in hand. And she had a VIP Press pass. Entering the seating area, she spotted Greg right away giving last minute directions to the sound guys. God! He looked good in tights!

Tall and lean muscled, Greg, was what she dreamed of. Salt and pepper hair, easy going eyes and smile, broad shoulders that V’d down to a smaller waist. Just looking at him from where she was made her wet. The best part? He had a laugh that took her to the moon. And his voice, deep timbered, made her stomach do butterfly dances. “Hey, Blair!” She looked up and there he was!

“Hey, Greg!” She couldn’t think of anything to say. “So, how’s it going?” How’s it going? Are you kidding me?

He laughed – that laugh! “It’s going well, thank you. May I take you to your seat? You look incredible tonight!”

Oh Wow! The feeling when he put his hand at her waist sent electric currents right into her most tender parts. She felt a pull deep, swallowed hard, and smothered a moan. Not yet, girlfriend! Calm down!

Watching men play females roles was interesting, and yet, the play really was quite well done. Greg had done a masterful job and directing and making sure the actors stayed true to the original form. And his interpretation of Romeo was incredible. So moving and so heart stopping even though Juliet’s part was a male cast member as well. You would never have known.

The applause was deafening with cheers and whistles. Standing ovation brought the actors back on the stage for an extra bow. As the crowd starting leaving their seats, Blair rose from her seat hoping to see him. All she wanted was just a few minutes. Just a few minutes to invite him for dinner or something soon. Tonight would be out of the question since it was opening night of this series, she was sure.

And then, there he stood. Just seeing him standing in front of her made her gasp. His eyes were not easy laughing eyes but bright. They bored into her soul and spoke of an unbridled lust that caught her by surprise. No words were said. He simply took her hand and led her toward the back of the theatre.

Blair tried to speak, but her voice caught before she could get any words out of her.

“Greg? Where are we going?” Her heart was being faster and her core was beginning to throb. She could feel her juices seep on to her red lace panties that she had so meticulously chosen.

They reached a back office behind the dressing rooms. Greg opened the door and turned to Blair pulling her into the darkened room.

“I know it’s not much, but, dammit, Blair! All I have thought about all evening is getting you alone.”

Blair swallowed hard. Greg’s eyes were boring into her. Passion was sparking between them both.

He grabbed her head with both hands and devoured her mouth. Leaning into him, she opened her mouth receiving his tongue as they savagely kissed. Her hands wrapped around Greg’s back.

He guided her to the lone desk never losing contact with her mouth. She broke away long enough to pull her dress off her shoulders and let it drop to the floor exposing her red lace bra and panties. Greg ripped at his own clothes, carelessly throwing them on the floor watching her intently.

She stood there in front of him, breathing hard, nipples visibly erect through the red lace, dripping down her inside thighs. Her eyes filled with intensity and desire. Greg stepped over to her and began sucking the hollow of her neck. A light moan was all he needed to pick her up and set her on the desk in front of him.

Blair saw than he was hard and ready to take her then and there, but he had no intentions of ending it so soon.

“I’ve waited for two years for this moment, Blair. I want you now!”

He pulled her into him and freed his hardened member to find her wet mound. The full moon shining into the high window cast shadows on firm abs and muscular arms. He pulled away from her just a bit to tease her making her even wetter. She touched his arm, “Please?”

“Ah, not yet, beautiful Blair.”

Pulling her lace aside, he bent down and licked her swollen nub. Blair lay back on the desk and moaned holding his head in her hands and pushing her hips into his mouth. She felt the throb start and knew she was on the edge. Sensing how close she was, Greg sucked harder and inserted a finger in her moist tunnel.

Blair gasped as she felt herself releasing into his mouth. Greg greedily sucked drinking her in. As her first orgasm died down, he rose up and pulled her hips hard into him. He thrust hard into Blair as she gasped at his drive. Her eyes met his, and they locked tight. She could see his lust driving every action, every thrust, every kiss.

All of her attention was on what was happening to her body. She felt the tingle begin and the pull deep in her womb. His groans and pants were blending with her breaths and gasps. Together, they were as one primal being thrusting and arching in unison keeping rhythm with each other.

She felt herself going over the edge. Gazing at Greg for one brief moment before she became lost, she saw his eyes closed, mouth open in the lost feeling of imminent orgasm. He opened his eyes and caught hers just as he reached the edge. Both fell together in an ocean of orgasmic waves riding together moaning and thrusting and arching. Until the final moment of ecstasy. They rode the crest together. With one final hard thrust, Greg called out her name, “Blair!”

She could not speak, just feel the intensity of his orgasm mixing with hers carrying them both into a place of animal lust and desire.

Satiated, Greg fell onto Blair. She held onto him, sweat mixing together, bodies locked tight.

Blair never wanted to leave this place.

Greg raised up and looked at her. “Not exactly what I planned for the first time together, but Damn! You are magnificent, Blair!”

Blair said nothing. Just stroked his back and enjoyed the feeling of him. She had planned to seduce him, but boy, did those tables get turned! First time together?

“You mean you want more?”

With a wink and that stomach butterfly laugh, he rose off of her. “More? Hell, yeah! It’s about time, doncha think?”

Oh, wow! This is not going to be a one night stand with this one!

“I fear you may have gotten caught up with Romeo, Love! But I don’t care. I want more of you”

And with that, Greg lifted her tenderly off the desk, and helped her with her dress. After they were both dressed and leaving the back office, Greg lead her to the stage. And there under the full moon shining on the stage of the Amphitheatre, he quoted:

It is my soul that calls upon my name:
How silver-sweet sound lovers’ tongues by night,
Like softest music to attending ears!

And lifting her off the stage, he inserted a finger into her once again, licked his fingers, and gave her a lingering kiss. Blair smiled, touched his cheek:

Good night, good night! Parting is such
sweet sorrow,
That I shall say good night till it be morrow.

Oh, it’s going to be a great summer theatre season!

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By Camille Wylde

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