Love, Sex & Spa Secrets ~ The “Professional” Massage by Camille Wylde

Love, Sex & Spa Secrets ~ The "Professional" Massage by Camille Wylde

This is Story 3 of Love, Sex & Spa Secrets by Camille Wylde.

Sarah watched the clientele come and go at Embraces. She performed her duties perfectly making sure that each guest received the experience for which they paid. Often guests expected a “little more” than what the spa menu provided, but Renata, the owner, was very strict about the policies here. “I run an upscale spa and resort – not a sex club,” she often said. More than one therapist and guest had been asked to leave during the years.

But nothing prevented the guests from talking about their “sexcapades” at the resort. Today was no different. Sarah looked at her client roster and saw that Anna Riley was booked in the Lavender Room.

“That’s interesting”. Anna had been asked to leave yesterday because of an incident with Josh, one of the male therapists. There had been some extra stimulation that was only discovered because Josh could not hide his erection afterwards, and Anna came out bragging to her friends. Renata overheard Anna’s story, and one of the female therapists saw Josh immediately after. Josh was fired on the spot when he confessed. Sarah thought Anna had been told that she was not welcome, but here she was on her list.

Sarah entered the Lavender Room and prepared the room to the usual specifications. Soft lavender linens on the table, lavender essential oil in the mister, and massage oil infused with lavender warming in the oil warmer. Added to the ambiance, towels spritzed with lavender infused mist were place in the warming cabinet for use after the massage.

Sarah looked at the music selection and saw that Renata had specified Buddha Lounge 4 music. A handwritten note simply said, “No sensual music will be allowed!” Sarah chuckled to herself. Renata had placed Anna on her client roster, so she was sure there could be no possibility of a repeat from yesterday. Evidently Anna was a VIP guest, or she would not have been allowed back.

Sarah took one more look around the room. Everything was ready for Anna’s session. Walking into the lounge where Anna would be waiting, Sarah’s mind wandered to what could have happened yesterday. “Anna Riley?” Anna rose from her lounge chair with a hint of disappointment on her face. Immediately, Sarah could sense Anna’s sex appeal. In fact, she walked catlike and exuded sex.

You’re my therapist? Renata has an amazing sense of humor, that one!”

Sarah just smiled. She led her into the Lavender Room going through the normal routine.

“You can remove…”

“Yes, I know the speech. Just give me a second, and I’ll be ready.”

Sarah left the room while Anna unclothed. Anna’s thoughts were racing almost as much as Sarah’s. Josh was built, and yesterday’s session was amazing. She had hoped she would be able to repeat it today, but they stuck her with this female therapist. “Damn!”

Anna had known Renata for years, so she knew how to work her. She simply put on her innocent face and apologized profusely – begging her to give her another chance. She had heard that poor Josh had lost his job over yesterday, but Anna intended to pull some strings there as well to get him back.

As she climbed on the table and lay face down, her mind went back to yesterday. Her arousal was obvious. She felt the familiar throb and her juices seep from her onto the table. She giggled to herself. “Oh, yes, I have to get Josh back on the job.”

Sarah entered the room and walked over to the woman on the table. “Are there any muscles needing extra attention today?”

Anna let out a low chuckle. “Oh, you have no idea!”

Sarah walked over to her oil table and picked up the warm oil placing into her holster on her hips.

She reached for the edge of the top linen and folded it down to just below the small of Anna’s back. As Sarah poured the warm oil onto her hands, she could see why Josh was so attracted to Anna. Anna’s skin glistened with warm oil and her back was muscular and lean.

As Sarah used her strong hands to stroke the oil into Anna’s shoulders and down her back, Anna let out a soft moan. Sarah was taken aback, but continued to massage Anna’s back curving around her rib cage and moving toward the top of her glutes.

Anna shifted just a little. “Sarah, right? What you are doing feels wonderful! Yesterday, Josh started the same way. Would you like to hear what happened?”

Sarah knew she should tell the woman no, but her curiosity got the best of her. “If you like. You are here to relax, but it’s your session.”

Anna chuckled to herself. “Indeed, it is! Believe me, just talking about it relaxes me in ways you have no idea of! Just keep stroking and doing what you’re doing, and I’ll tell you the story.”

Sarah poured more warm oil onto her hands and proceeded to massage her back once again.

“He poured the oil into his hands. God, they felt so warm and strong on my skin. As he moved his fingers around my shoulders, I could feel myself becoming aroused. I let out a soft moan as his hands curved around my ribs and down my hips. Then he started moving in rhythm to the music – oh, it was so sensual.

He wrapped his hands around my hips and used his thumbs just at the bottom of the small of my back. Then he used his fingers to knead the top of my gluts. I could feel myself getting wet.

He pulled the sheet from my legs, folding them just so they exposed my calf. He massaged the calf muscle, but it felt more like stroking instead of kneading. Yes, just like that, Sarah!”

Sara shocked herself. She found herself using her hands in the same way Anna was describing the session with Josh. She was becoming aroused as well. Shaking her head, she continued massaging Anna as she was trained, but there was something mesmerizing about how Anna told her story that pulled Sarah in.

Anna continued:

“Then he folded the sheet exposing more of my thighs and hips than he probably should have but his hands as they stroked my muscles felt so warm and strong. Then I just couldn’t help it. I moaned and parted my legs. I was hoping he would touch me.

He let his fingers just graze between my thighs. He had to know that I was wet, and he kept on stroking and grazing my lips. I moaned and parted my legs further.

I think it must have startled him, though, because he pulled back and drew the linens over me again. I let out a very disappointed moan.

He did apologize, Sarah, but as he had me turn over onto my back, he was as hard as could be. Just remembering what he looked like turns me on now.”

Sarah could tell that Anna was getting more and more aroused the more she spoke of yesterday. Should she stop her? She really didn’t want to.

Sarah lifted the sheet so that Anna could turn to her back easily. As Anna settled onto her back and Sarah adjusted the linens around her, Anna continued her story.

“After I turned over, Josh’s erection was quite obvious. Sarah, all I could think of was that I wanted him right then and there! I’m sure he could tell, but he was trying so hard to remain professional. Me? I didn’t care. I was wet and wanted him!

He asked me if there were any other muscles that needed attention. I just looked at him and his hardness and winked.

He folded the linens around my legs to expose past my thighs and just below my naval. Then he folded the linens to expose my breasts and stomach. He looked me in the eyes as he started his strokes around my rib cage and over my stomach. I knew he was watching my responses. I looked at him and parted my thighs to give him access with his fingers.

He poured warm oil into his hands and started stroking up my outer thighs around between my thighs grazing my lips. He let his thumb touch my clit. I gasped and raised my hips. He smiled at me and told me that this was not professional at all. I told him that I had paid for the session and that if he didn’t take care of me, I would be most disappointed.

He was so hard by then. I looked down toward his arousal and reached for him with my hand. He inserted a finger inside me. My juices dripped down onto the table. I looked at him and said, ‘Josh, please!’

He reached underneath me and lifted me off the table. God, he is so strong! As he lifted me off the table, I reached down to expose his hardness. He lowered me onto him letting me use the side of the table as leverage. His entrance was breathtaking! He moaned almost as loud as I did.

He used his arms and hands to move me up and down on him so that my clit was stimulated. I lost myself in the music, the feel of him inside me, the rhythm of our breathing. As he thrust inside of me, I could feel myself throbbing more and more. I was closer to the edge, and I moved my hips grinding against him wanting him to move harder.

He moved harder and deeper. I felt him so deep. And then, I could not hold back anymore. I let myself go. The juices dripped around him and down his thighs. His moans mixed with mine, and I orgasmed hard.

He caught himself quickly after my orgasm and pulled out. He gently set me onto the table and laid me back down. He was still hard, Sarah.

He got a warm towel to clean me off, covered me up again, and apologized profusely. He left the room quickly still with an erection. I was so wishing he could have joined me in the orgasm.”

Anna stopped talking. Sarah noticed that Anna was wet and throbbing. In fact, Sarah was wet and throbbing herself. As Sarah finished up with Anna’s massage, she wished that she could find release herself.

It was obvious that Anna was impatiently waiting for Sarah to leave the room so she could relieve herself. Sarah covered Anna back up and laid a warm towel under her neck.

“I am leaving now. I have left a few warm towels in the towel cabinet for you. For after.”

Anna looked at Sarah and smiled.

Sarah was just outside the room waiting for Anna to leave to prepare the room for the next guest. Anna sauntered out looking quite satisfied. She smiled at Sarah.

“That was wonderful, Sarah. Thank you! Oh, and I left you a tip on the table. Enjoy yourself!”

Sarah looked on the table after Anna walked away. She had left $100 as a tip with a business care to another spa in San Francisco known for its “happy ending” massages and a note.

Sarah, you need to have some fun. Have some on me!

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By Camille Wylde

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