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The Truth About Breakups

Truth About Break Ups

“We Need To Talk”

This is the most terrifying phrase to hear during a relationship, especially when it signifies breaking up.

After this bombshell is […]

Stop Bickering It’s Killing Your Relationship

Stop Bickering

We are all guilty! Yes, you too. Come on we all have a little dig here and there at our other half.

Remember at school […]

6 Reasons Why Morning Sex Is Good For You

6 reasons morning sex is good for you

I have been seeing quite a lot of articles doing the rounds suggesting that us women HATE morning sex!!

Well I'm sorry, I am a […]

The Science of Dick Pics – Why DO Men Do It?

The Science of Dick Pics

A couple of weeks ago I noticed a post from a friend complaining about unsolicited Dick Pics being sent to her online. For some reason, […]

Barcelona Opens First Sex Doll Brothel

First Sex Doll Brothel

A ‘BROTHEL’ where punters can pay £70 to romp with a SEX DOLL has opened in Barcelona.

Lumidolls, which operates from an apartment in the […]

Body Talk ~ Let Your Body Do The Talking

Body Talk

Body Language is a significant aspect of our communications and relationships. But often, sexual signals get more tangled then our headphone cables.

The reason?

Men […]

Erotica Can Be Erotic ~ Lighten Up A Little

Erotica Can Be Erotic

No matter how posh you are or how intellectually gifted or politically correct, I bet you sneak furtive glances in the window of those sleazy, but oh […]

5 Steps To Great Sex

5 Steps To Great Sex

Here is a quick step-by-step guide for any couple who want to up their game in the bedroom.

It's a good idea to work through the following […]

8 Tips On How To Reduce The Risk Of An Affair

8 Tips To Reduce The Risk Of An Affair

Why do affairs destroy relationships?
Thou shalt not sleep with other people, is a pretty standard couple clause so, for a start, the guilty party […]

Too Tired For Sex ~ No Time For Sex

Too Tired For Sex ~ No Time For Sex

Who's got time for sex?

Most of us are juggling jobs, friends, finances, house work, kids: is it any wonder a lot of couples end […]