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6 Ways to Make Your Home Feel like a Sanctuary

Make Your Home Feel Like A Santuary

Our homes are our personal havens where we can retreat to from the hustle and bustle of everyday world. Overwhelmed […]

You’re Not the Judge!

You're Not The Judge

I’ve spent the last few years trying really hard not to be critical of others. It shouldn’t be such a […]

Domestic Abuse Isn’t Just Physical

Domestic Abuse Isn’t Just Physical

Have you ever sat with your friend and listened to their troublesome relationship over and over again?

Have you ever […]

The Truth About Breakups

Truth About Break Ups

“We Need To Talk”

This is the most terrifying phrase to hear during a relationship, especially when it signifies breaking […]

Stop Bickering It’s Killing Your Relationship

Stop Bickering

We are all guilty! Yes, you too. Come on we all have a little dig here and there at our […]

Spring Health Hacks Every Woman Should Consider

Spring Health Hacks Every Woman Should Consider

The beginning of the year may be the time of resolutions, but Spring, ladies, is the season of renewal, rebirth, […]

Be Your Own Hero


Everyone faces challenges throughout their life.

We’ve all experienced a bad day, bad week or bad year where it feels […]

Stay Beautiful: Ugly Truth In Beauty Magazines

Ugly Truth Behind Glossy Magazines

Many of you have probably seen this video doing the rounds on social media sites. Many have had their say […]

The Science of Dick Pics – Why DO Men Do It?

The Science of Dick Pics

A couple of weeks ago I noticed a post from a friend complaining about unsolicited Dick Pics being sent to […]

Barcelona Opens First Sex Doll Brothel

First Sex Doll Brothel

A ‘BROTHEL’ where punters can pay £70 to romp with a SEX DOLL has opened in Barcelona.

Lumidolls, which operates […]

Equality and the Modern Woman

Equality And The Modern Woman

In honour of International Women’s Day, I thought I’d take a look at how far women have come and how […]

Why You Shouldn’t Use The Black Face Mask That Peels Your Face Off

Black Charcoal Face Mask

They are the latest beauty trend to take the internet by storm with beauty bloggers and celebrities alike boasting the […]

5 Fashion Items Your Man Actually Needs

5 Fashion Items Your Man Actually Needs

Keeping up with the latest fashion trends can be a bit challenging, especially because there’s a lot going on in […]

Body Talk ~ Let Your Body Do The Talking

Body Talk

Body Language is a significant aspect of our communications and relationships. But often, sexual signals get more tangled then our […]

Mindful Eating: 5 Easy Steps to Get Started

Mindful Eating

Today’s modern world imposes hectic lifestyles and busy schedules on people. Rushing through daily routines and tasks inevitably takes its […]