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Be Your Own Hero


Everyone faces challenges throughout their life.

We’ve all experienced a bad day, bad week or bad year where it feels like things couldn’t possibly get […]

Stay Beautiful: Ugly Truth In Beauty Magazines

Ugly Truth Behind Glossy Magazines

Many of you have probably seen this video doing the rounds on social media sites. Many have had their say on the topic and today […]

Equality and the Modern Woman

Equality And The Modern Woman

In honour of International Women’s Day, I thought I’d take a look at how far women have come and how far we still need to […]

Stay True to You!

Stay True to You

In a world built upon free speech, it’s so easy to get caught up on other people’s opinions.

Everyone has something to say about everything […]

Love Yourself to Success: Tips for Every Successful Woman

Love Yourself To Success

Ever since the dawn of mankind, being a woman was never an easy job.

No matter how successful you are in what you do, society […]

Pushing Past Fear ~ Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway!

Feel The Fear - Then Do It Anyway!

Fear is a figment of our imagination.

It's imagining the worse-case scenario and assuming it's the only possible outcome. It hinders our abilities, limits our […]

How to Look and Feel Confident

How To Look And Feel Confident

Confidence is one of the most important factors that will help you lead a happy and successful life.

If you don’t feel or look confident, […]

New Beginnings ~ New Possibilities

New Beginings

The thought of starting over in any aspect of life is petrifying.

So many people stay in relationships and jobs they don’t enjoy simply because […]

Learning To Love Your Reflection

Learn To Love Your Reflection

How I Broke Up with the Scale

My weight used to control my self-esteem. Every time the scale went up, my confidence plummeted.

I would […]

Are You Your Own Worst Critic? If So It’s Time To Stop

Are you your own worst critic?

Are You Your Own Worst Critic?

When it comes to your family, goals or just everyday life, are you your own worst critic?

Do you […]