Domestic Violence ~ Let’s Learn, Share, and Support to End the Abuse

Resources for victims and survivors of domestic violence

Domestic Violence ~ Resources for Victims and Survivors

Domestic Abuse Isn’t Just Physical

Domestic Abuse Isn’t Just Physical

Have you ever sat with your friend and listened to their troublesome relationship over and over again?

Have you ever thought that it could be […]

The After Effects of Domestic Abuse

After Effects Of Domestic Abuse

You’ve finally freed yourself from an abusive relationship - now what do you do?

Ending the relationship is usually the hardest part, but it doesn’t […]

Abusive Relationship ~ Are You Ready To Leave?

Abusive Relationships - Are You Ready To Leave?

Safely leaving an abusive relationship requires self-control and a lot of planning.

Abusers are skilled manipulators and will do everything in their power to maintain […]

Is PTSD Real?

Is PTSD Real?

Domestic violence victims, sexual assault victims, combat soldiers, law enforcement officers and various other people who’ve witnessed traumatic events are often diagnosed as having post-traumatic […]

Is He Abusive? Spotting The Signs

Is He Abusive? Spotting The Signs

Is He Abusive?

If you’ve never been abused, you would assume you’d recognize the signs if you ever ended up in a toxic relationship.

That’s […]

Gray Matter Of Surviving Verbal And Psychological Abuse

Verbal Psychological Abuse

Verbal Abuse
This is also known as "Verbal Bullying",  repeated and constant negative statements told to the victim. In familial situations, this verbal bullying escalates […]

Removing My Label ~ Domestic Violence

Removing My Label by Kendra Lynn

I sat through my performance review at work - evaluating the insidious inconsistencies. Counting them all. Feeling a new-found fire build wild and free.

"So […]

Killer Love ~ The Tragic Side of Domestic Violence

Killer Love ~ The Tragic Side of Domestic Violence

Those that don't know her will only know her as a murder victim.

They'll never hear her unique laughter.

They'll never see the private moments […]

The Art of Healing After Domestic Violence

The Arty Ofg healing After Domestic Violence

Five years on, the journey's been long, and the healing continues.

The night I escaped my abuser with my 2-day old son in tow, I […]

The War Of Domestic Violence

The War Of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence has stood the test of time. Surviving and thriving through all generations since the beginning of time.
If we were to label […]