Spring Health Hacks Every Woman Should Consider

Spring Health Hacks Every Woman Should Consider

The beginning of the year may be the time of resolutions, but Spring, ladies, is the season of renewal, rebirth, and recovery.

While we are implementing this philosophy in our homes (Spring cleaning) and sometimes our wardrobe (adding bright colors and floral prints), we rarely do the same with our health.

That is an obvious […]

Mindful Eating: 5 Easy Steps to Get Started

Mindful Eating

Today’s modern world imposes hectic lifestyles and busy schedules on people. Rushing through daily routines and tasks inevitably takes its toll on health.

It’s hard to resist this fast-paced rhythm of life, so many people turn to unhealthy habits, and fast-food is among the most frequent ones. No wonder that global obesity, diabetes, and heart […]

5 Amazing Foods that Reduce Stress and Weight Naturally

5 Amazing Foods that Reduce Stress and Weight Naturally

The term “stress eating” didn’t just appear by itself, right?

A lot of people tend to turn to food whenever they are feeling anxious. It is completely normal – eating is the best feeling in the world probably. And yes, food actually is associated with feeling – it is scientifically proven.

Not just that, if […]

These Three Diets Can Benefit Your Skin Tone

3 Diets To benefit Your Skin Tone

Your skin is a significant factor when it comes to making a first impression about you (age, good looks, etc.), but also the reflection of your inner health.

When you put it this way, you can see how your diet can impact your skin even more than expensive skincare products. A radiant complexion is achieved […]

Who’s Got That Winter Itch? Caring For Your Dry Skin

Who’s Got That Winter Itch? Caring For Your Dry Skin

Between the storms in the States and the rain in the UK we are not exactly lacking moisture in the air this year. However, it is still important to make sure our skin does not dry out in these harsh Winter months.

Not to be confused with the 7 year itch (which is a whole […]

Women Who Wear Their Scars With Pride

Women Who Wear Their Scars With Pride

To mark Breast Cancer Awareness Month, they agreed to appear topless. Our inspiring eight are also baring their chests in support of Twitter’s Show Your Scar campaign for breast cancer.

It began in response to M&S’s #showyourstrap campaign, which critics branded insensitive to women who’d had mastectomies and could not wear bras. The campaign encouraged […]

Is PTSD Real?

Is PTSD Real?

Domestic violence victims, sexual assault victims, combat soldiers, law enforcement officers and various other people who’ve witnessed traumatic events are often diagnosed as having post-traumatic stress disorder.

PTSD is considered a serious anxiety disorder with both physical and mental symptoms.

Unfortunately, the legitimacy of PTSD is often questioned, since the disorder is used to describe […]

5 Things You Should Know About Your Vagina ~ It’s Awesome

5 Things You Should Know About Your Vagina

The male penis is pretty much un-complicated. It only has a couple of functions, and all you need to know about it can be detected in one glance. The vagina, however, is quite the mystery; a complicated, multifaceted tool that still manages to confuse the fellas.

You are probably already aware that your vagina is seriously awesome. Not only does this amazing […]

5 Reasons You Should Be Sleeping Naked

5 Reasons You Should Sleep Naked

When it comes to our bed and being naked, most of us will only slip out of our Pj's and into our birthday suit when we’re turning up the heat in the bedroom.

But, research shows, that sleeping naked actually has plenty of health benefits.

Let Your Lady Parts Breathe

Tight fitting underwear can create a breeding […]

6 Foods To Eat For A Healthy Summer Tan

6 Foods To Eat For A Healthy Summer Tan

Summer is on the horizon. That means you'll probably want to start working on your tan to get that golden glow everyone wants this time of year.

Of course, tanning isn't the only way to create a Summer shine. If you've been on the lookout for foods for glowing skin, look no more, we've done some […]

Poor Sleep Can Affect Your Happiness So Get Plenty Of Zzzs

Poor Sleep Can Affect Your Happiness

Did you know that not getting enough sleep can lead to heart problems, diabetes and depression?

Well, not only that, but recent studies show that you can eat up to 500 extra calories a day because it leaves you lacking in self control and makes you feel unhappy.

One in three people suffer from poor […]

Bra Gate And The Saggy Boob Debate!

Bra-Gate and The Saggy Boob Debate!

Why is it we get conflicting information about how good or bad a bra is for us on an almost weekly basis?

One minute we need a well fitting bra otherwise our boobs will be around our knees in the blink of an eye.

The next, Ze French are telling us to burn our bras […]

Vaginoplasty ~ The New Boob Job?

Vaginoplasty The New Boob Job?

Remember when the craze was everyone wanted new boobs?

A young Britney Spears got implants for her 16th birthday and everyone from teens to grannies wanted the perfect pert bosom. Well it would seem that the latest fashion in plastic surgery is seeing many women undergoing vaginal surgery in a bid to look good, both dressed and […]

Cancer ~ An Unintended Journey ~ Some Detours But The End Is Here!

My Unintended Journey - Some Detours But The End Is Here

Read the very first An Unintented Journey article by Kym by clicking here!

It has been quite some time since I have sat down to write about my unintended journey with cancer and, at times, I think I have been avoiding it. The last was during my chemotherapy treatment.  I was half-way through and my […]

The Tutu Project For Cancer Awareness

The Tutu Project For Cancer Awareness

The widespread use of screening mammograms has increased the number of breast cancers detected before they cause any symptoms. Still, some breast cancers are not detected by mammograms. It is therefore important to see a doctor in case of any doubt or suspicion.

This video shows the innovative project initiated by a man when he […]