Scribblings ~ Twinkle Twinkle Christmas Lights

Twinkle Twinkle Christmas Lights by Amanda Carrington

Christmas Eve is here and it seems to have come at such a speed this year. It seems like only yesterday when we launched on Easter Sunday and now here we are celebrating our first VoElla Christmas together. In the theme of this festive Season today's scribbling captures […]

Stress-Less Christmas

Stress Less Christmas

The festive season is generally considered to be one of the busiest and most stressful times of the year. So it’s little surprise that already a lot of us are stressing about the looming Yuletide. Finding time to buy presents, cooking a Christmas dinner for the whole family, and the nagging worries about […]

Festive Friday ~ Danielle Brooks – Jolly Christmas Medley

Introduced by The Voice +Bloopers - click the SoundCloud play button!

VOE VJ Brings You Festive Friday with Danielle Brooks

Today Amanda Carrington has handed over the Frisky Friday music video reigns to me, V, to get us into the Christmas spirit and so I bring you Festive Friday.

What song could I choose? We […]

Christina Aguilera – Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

As we are coming up close to Xmas, I thought I would share this version of a classic Christmas song with you my dear laydeez. Have you all got your stockings ready for some prezzies :-)) ??

Here performing together are Christina Aguilera and Brian McKnight in a duet that should give you goosebumps. Come […]

Don’t Drop Whilst You Shop!

Shop Till you drop

Christmas shopping can be fun and festive, but it can also be stressful as we all know. Hopefully we can help lighten the burden with a few Christmas shopping tips to make those trips to the shopping centre more efficient.
Know Your Budget
Before you even hit the shops, you should know […]

Bah Humbug by Amanda Carrington ~ Poetic Scribblings

Bah Humbug by Amanda Carrington

Today I wanted to add a little twist to the happy festive season. The grumpy old woman kind of twist, I can't not have one little dig at Christmas, much as I love it.

We do enjoy the day and all that it brings but the stress and financial strain […]

Spice It Up This Christmas ~ Guest Blog

Spice Up Your Christmas

Ladies, this week I am handing over the page to the lovely Rachael McCoy, We-Vibe's relationship expert. Today Rachael will be revealing some of her sauciest secrets for you to try over the Christmas holidays. I'm sure you will all enjoy trying out these tips at home, throw a few logs […]

VoElla’s Kitchen ~ Strawberry Santa Desert

Quick Christmas Treats

One of my girlfriends told me about this gorgeous little idea for your Christmas table this morning. How fabulous do these little strawberry Santas look?

I thought I needed to share this with you right away. Get yourself a couple of punnets of Strawberries and start making some of these delicious treats. The […]

Tis The Season To Be Sexy. Tra la la la la…

Well, with the Christmas Season just around the corner it's time to get the Christmas shopping done. Gifts, Gifts, Gifts.

What to buy for whom is the biggest dilemma of the year for most of us. So, why not sex it up a little, add a sprinkle of those festive ingredients like Frankincense and Myhr, […]