Top Six Holiday Flicks: The Romance Edition

Top 6 Holiday Flicks: Romance Edition

To me, there's just something about the holiday season that screams, "Romance!"

Granted, by February my penchant for flip flops and beach-combing has me cursing Winter's frost with a teeth-chattering "damn you!" vehemence.

But, in December…

There is magic to be had.

Specifically, yuletide movie magic. The heart-swelling, tummy-tumbling, butterfly-inducing variety.

Between the elaborate sets, […]

6 Tips to Battling the Holiday Blues

Battling The Holiday Blues

The holiday season can be a magical time and many people wait all year to decorate their house, wrap presents and join in their favourite holiday traditions.

Social media is flooded with cheery posts showcasing everyone's happiness and good fortune.

Unfortunately, not everyone has reasons to celebrate. There are people all over the world who struggle with […]

Tips To Make Your Christmas Sparkle

Tips To Make Your Christmas Sparkle

It's Christmas time once again. The festivities are upon us and everyone is running around trying to buy what they need and inevitably what they don't.

The kids want the tree and the trimmings up even if we'd rather wait a few more days. I always tell myself I'll be more organised next year and […]

5 Stylish Christmas Gifts for Him

5 Stylish Gifts For Him

December is finally here, which means only one thing – we’re very close to most people’s favourite time of the year – holidays!

If you can’t wait for Christmas and the joy it brings, welcome to the club! However, there’s one thing you must do asap – find a perfect present for your man! If […]

When the Holidays Hurt (Coping with the Christmas Blues)

When The Holidays Hurt


Such Christmas buzzwords have become synonymous with the season, and with good reason. By design, the holidays are a time of celebration — a perfect opportunity to reflect on the good things in life.

But for many, the stress of the holidays can trigger sadness and depression, exposing a paradox that exists […]

Top 6 Holiday Flicks: The Comedy Edition

Top Six Holiday Flicks: The Comedy Edition

As much as I love the holiday season, today was one of those days when my good vibrations took a nose dive, landing somewhere in the trenches at the local mall as I bounced between walls of Crabby Appletons and Bah Humbuggers like a pinball on steroids while they elbowed their way through aisles of […]

I Can’t Get “I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas” Out Of My Head!!

I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas

After enjoying Amanda's choice of Top 10 Christmas Tunes article I was feeling extremely festive! There I was singing along to Wham's "Last Christmas" on YouTube so I decided to see what else was out there.

Harmless, You'd Think...

YouTube decided to show I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas to me in the Christmas songs […]

My List Of 6 Things To Relax About During The Holiday Season

My List of 6 Things to Relax About During the Holiday Season

Sometimes, we just have to stop caring. I don’t mean about those things that are priorities in our life. I am talking about those things that just do not matter.

It’s the holidays! We should be focusing on happiness and joy and bring a bit of happiness to those around us – not worrying about […]

They Don’t Make Christmas Hits Like They Used To!

They Don't Make Christmas Hits Like They Used To!

Let's face it, those old Christmas tunes were a bit naff, but they really don't make Christmas hits like they used to. This year's Christmas number 1 will no doubt be Louisa Johnson (XFactor winner) with her rendition of Forever Young by Bob Dylan. Now, don't get me wrong, she deserved to win and blew […]

Five Easy Steps To Bring The Holiday Sexy On!

5 Steps To bring The Holiday Sexy ON

Holidays bring visions of romantic interludes in the snow. Beautiful gifts of love wrapped in sparkling tinsel. Cuddling with our romantic partner with hot chocolate and sexy music in the background. The pleasure of Christmas love is in the air. The song “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” comes to mind, right? Ah, holiday love.
Do I […]

Twinkle Tush ~ Pussy Bling ~ Unique Christmas Gifts 1

Twinkle Tush - Pussy Bling

During the run up to Christmas here at VoElla we will be searching for the most unique gift ideas on the net, so you don't have to. So relax, sit back and let us do all the finger work for you! Every week we will be sharing our best finds and to kick off we […]

7 Questions Brits Have For Americans On Thanksgiving

7 Questions Brits Have For Americans On Thanksgiving

I read this article on and thought I'd share it here on VoElla and see if our American audience can give us a few insights to the ins and outs of Thanksgiving.

From what us Brits can work out, Thanksgiving is like Christmas.

But it’s a month early and with a load of weird stuff […]

Halloween Costumes ~ Trick, Treats & Eye Candy

Halloween Costumes ~ Trick, Treats & Eye Candy

Halloween is fast approaching, and I, for one, couldn’t be happier. When else is it perfectly acceptable to channel our inner demons, scare the bejeezus out of our loved ones, and fill our bellies with enough Hershey’s Miniatures to have us swapping our bikini briefs for granny panties?

Ah. Good times!

And of course, the […]

Christmas Is For Sharing by Amanda Carrington ~ Poetic Scribblings

Christmas Is For Sharing

It's been quite a while since I shared any of my scribblings here since Higherhawk took over the poetry corner. So it's quite a treat to come back and share some of my poetic words with you today.

A couple of weeks ago I was asked by a lovely gentleman by […]

Merry Christmas from VoElla

Merry Christmas From Amanda Carrington

Christmas day is finally here, we can sit back, relax and put our feet up for a moment before the mad Christmas cookathon begins. So while I'm sitting here in my pyjamas (pressie from Mum) with a glass of champagne, I'm having 5 minutes to myself to say Happy Christmas.