Amanda & John VoElla

Why We Created VoElla

You’d think that there was a magazine for everyone, right?


Personally, I couldn’t find what I wanted in any of those pages.

I wanted lifting up and my confidence restored.

I wanted to feel connected to a supportive community of like-minded women.

I wanted to feel sexy and boost my sexuality.

I wished to have all this under one umbrella to enjoy but I couldn’t find it. Sure I could find one thing here, and another thing there, but that was just inconvenient. I wanted it all in one place.

Where was the magazine I wanted to read?

VoElla is the magazine I wanted to read, so I went right ahead and created it. Together with my best friend and partner in crime, John, page by page we built something we could be proud of and we did more than that.

We built a community of strong, passionate, sexy women who lift and build each other up to be the best version of themselves they can possibly be.

What Is VoElla?

VoElla… spreading the love one page at a time.

Great content and great relationships come from collaboration, and we have one awesome bunch of collaborators in the VoE family.

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