You’re Not the Judge!

You're Not The Judge

I’ve spent the last few years trying really hard not to be critical of others. It shouldn’t be such a difficult undertaking, but we live in an incredibly judgmental society.

Everyone usually has an opinion on what everyone else is doing. There are even some people I know who feel the need to share every hurtful thought that comes into their head.

I’m certain other people judge and gossip about me, especially since publishing my revealing memoirs. I’m not concerned with what other people think of me, because I’m happy with the person I am.

There are reasons for all the crazy things I’ve done (and still do) that only I know. To stop myself from judging others, I think about all of the possible reasons they could have to explain their behaviour.

If you haven’t lived the exact same life, you don’t have the insight to judge another person. Past experiences play a big role in the choices everyone makes. If you’re not fully aware about why a person acts a certain way, you shouldn’t be so quick to comment.

Judging a person does not define who they are. It defines who you are.

There could be a method to their madness.

It’s important to give others the same consideration we want to receive in return. For example, I know someone who makes fun of heavier women if they wear tight clothes.

What if that woman just lost a lot of weight and can finally fit into her favourite outfit? Maybe wearing it gives her confidence or motivation to continue on her fitness journey. On the other hand, maybe she’s experiencing financial troubles and can’t afford new clothes.

Should it really concern you if someone else wears tight clothes?

When a kid misbehaves in public, people jump to the conclusion that it’s because of bad parenting. Maybe the kid was just having a bad day? When you see someone who’s homeless, you assume they are either an addict or unwilling to work. Only they understand the circumstances that landed them on the street.

Slay the Stereotypes

As a society, we’re so quick to judge and it only enforces inaccurate stereotypes. If a woman doesn’t want children, she must be selfish. If a man works in fashion, he must be gay. If someone’s overweight, they must be lazy. If someone’s super skinny, they must be anorexic. If they have lots of tattoos, they must be dangerous.

None of these things are necessarily true.

We don’t want people judging us harshly, which is why it’s not fair to pass judgment on others. If someone’s behaviour or appearance isn’t having a negative effect on your life, let them live in peace.

Everyone’s entitled to live their life the way they see fit. Let’s judge less and love more.

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By Jenn Sadai

Jenn Sadai
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