6 Ways to Make Your Home Feel like a Sanctuary

Make Your Home Feel Like A Santuary

Our homes are our personal havens where we can retreat to from the hustle and bustle of everyday world. Overwhelmed by stress and worries, we can’t wait for another day to end just so we can go home and relax with our families.

However, it’s not uncommon for our homes to become filled with anxiety and stress, especially if we let negative energy take over them.

Luckily, with just a few simple steps, you can easily transform your home into your sanctuary, an oasis of health, positivity and well-being.

Calming Corner Nooks

Calming corners

Corner nooks have become one of the most popular trends in interior design that enable their owners to unwind in a peaceful environment. Since they are used as a form of escapism, private nooks are usually free from the burdens of technology.

Whether you choose to create a reading nook, a hobby area or just a corner of tranquillity, make sure to decorate it in a way that reflects your personality.

It can be a spot by the window, an area under the stairs or a corner in the living room – just add a cosy settee, several cushions and a fluffy blanket, grab your favourite book, and relax.

Out with Clutter and Dust


Not only can clutter create an impression of messiness and disarray, but it can also create an ambiance of stress and anxiety.

Additionally, according to Feng Shui principles, clutter disrupts the flow of positive energy throughout your house. Once you get rid of all unnecessary items, you’ll immediately notice a positive change.

Go one step further and improve the air quality in your less crowded home by opting for a quality air purifier. It is a great way to give a final touch to decluttering and get rid of all of the extra dust.

Be sure to check out relevant air purifier reviews and choose the one that suits your needs the best.

Your living space will seem more open and airy, which will consequently boost your mood.

In with houseplants


Houseplants are often used as stylish accessories in trendy homes to complement a nature-inspired décor.

However, plants have a more important role than just being decoration details. Namely, studies have shown that plants can bring about a more positive attitude towards your environment.

Since they act as natural air filters, they can significantly improve the indoor air quality, which consequently enhances your mood and makes your environment more stimulating.

Thus, wait no more, and welcome nature into your home.

The Power of Lighting

Power Of Light

Apart from being an essential element of interior design, lighting can boost your mood, enhance your productivity and contribute to your general well-being.

Our bodies need natural light, so make sure to let sunlight in as much as possible.

Don’t cover your windows with heavy drapes, but use light, gauzy ones. Not only will your home seem more open, but you will feel more energised and positive.

When it comes to artificial lighting, make sure to install proper lighting in each room depending on its function.

Use Colours Wisely


Use colours wisely, and you can bring a sense of novelty into your home.

Use them recklessly, and you can create an atmosphere of constraint and uneasiness. To avoid experiencing the negative impact of colours on both your mood and your living space, you should find out which psychological effects they can have.

For example, red can be quite stimulating and energising, but too much of it can cause violence and anger.

When choosing hues for smaller rooms, you should opt for more neutral tones, such as white, beige or pale grey. This way, you’ll create an impression of spaciousness and openness while minimising the feelings of crowdedness.

On the other hand, you can pick more vibrant shades to boost your productivity in rooms such as your home office.

An Outdoor Haven

Outdoor Haven

In order to transform your home into a true sanctuary, you need to create an outdoor haven where you can soak in the sunlight and take a breath of fresh air. Here, you can reconnect with nature and find your inner peace.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a large backyard with a pool – all you need is a balcony or a small outdoor space, a lightweight garden table, a few comfortable chairs and a couple of plants.

You’ll have your natural oasis before you know it!


With just a few simple steps, you can free your home from clutter and stress, and create an atmosphere of tranquillity, peacefulness and happiness.

Once you’ve designed your own sanctuary, you can forget about your everyday worries and enjoy some peace and quiet.

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By Tracey Clayton

Tracey Clayton
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