Stay Beautiful: Ugly Truth In Beauty Magazines

Ugly Truth Behind Glossy Magazines

Many of you have probably seen this video doing the rounds on social media sites. Many have had their say on the topic and today it’s my turn.

Have you ever noticed the text found on the covers and inside most beauty magazines?

The wording tends to tell us quite clearly that there’s something not right with us, something we have to change or that if we don’t do something, we’re “out of style,” “not beautiful,” or “not handsome.”

It’s not only fully fledged women’s magazines which perpetrate the importance of looking good. Magazines marketed at pre-teen demographics follow the same trend, offering young girls beauty advice and dating tips.

Since the you-are-not-good-enough advertising and something-is-wrong-with-you marketing continues to successfully create a negative body image to make women feel bad about their bodies, women around the world feel chronically insecure, overweight and inadequate.

They become fixated on trying to change their body shape and some will even develop eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia. This media coverage is destroying the self-esteem of young girls around the globe…

How much money do you spend because you don’t love what you were born with?

The beauty and fashion industries are thriving because they are fundamentally anti-you. Be happy with who you are, love the skin you’re in, accept your (already) perfect body; remember, the person in front of the mirror was born beautiful.

Just think for a moment, how many businesses would go bankrupt if tomorrow every woman woke up loving her own body?

I’ll tell you, one hell of a lot!

Here I tried to sum up my own feelings in a little poem. Enjoy!

Glossy Magazines

These glossy women’s magazines
Scream at me from the shelves
Almost every other cover
Tells me I should love myself

I really should I mumble
I’m really going to try
So against my better judgement
I grab a mag to buy

Page 2 is full of adverts
To fix up all my flaws
Botox for my wrinkles
Pills for menopause

Page 5 Get Ready For Summer
Lose your belly fat
Look at all those bigger girls
Do you want to look like that?

Page 12 How to be size zero
In only 90 days
Tell me that I shouldn’t eat
In a subtle kind of way

And then there’s plastic surgery
You should go under the knife
That way you’ll have a better chance
Of becoming someone’s wife

By the time my reading’s over
I’m feeling quite depressed
Fat and old and frumpy
Unfashionable and distressed

You told me I should love myself
Then wandered from your purpose
You just confirmed my inner fears
Without these things I’m worthless

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By Amanda Carrington

Amanda Carrington
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