Body Talk ~ Let Your Body Do The Talking

Body Talk

Body Language is a significant aspect of our communications and relationships. But often, sexual signals get more tangled then our headphone cables.

The reason?

Men and women often interpret body language and behaviour differently. Actually, let me re-phrase that: it’s men who get it wrong most of the time.

What they see as a direct come on is often experimental flirting on our part, or sheer politeness. Women are better wired for picking up on non-verbal signals, so if men want to increase their chances in the mating game, then they should learn how to decode gestures women commonly use.

So, how do you let someone know you’re interested by letting your body do the talking?

Play With Your Hair

Play With Your Hair

Pulling your hair back away from your face lets him have a good look. It’s a confident gesture that means “I’m happy with how I look”.

Look Around

While they’re watching you, look around the room and let your eyes settle back on them. It’s the equivalent of saying “you’re my pick of everyone in here.”

Walk By

Deliberately walk past him. Especially if it’s obvious you’re taking the long way around just to get close.

Move Closer

Make it look like there’s a reason for it (a better seat, away from the crowd or moving into where the action is – there’s always something!) but the message is still, “I’m here, come and get me.”

Mirror Him

Anthropologists claim that mirroring – imitating each others body movements and gestures – is the best indicator of sexual and romantic interest.

Lean Forward

Moving your upper body towards someone means you’re interested. If they also lean forward, they are too. If they lean back, forget it.

Get Tactile

Get Tactile

Grab onto his arm to explain a point, pick a bit of fluff off his jumper, gently remove the hair that’s falling across his face – any excuse to touch, take it.

If you like someone, you touch them more often. Prior to touching someone we need to set up some sort of connection with them of course.

Hold Eye Contact

Strangers usually glance at each other for no more than two seconds. Repetitive three second or more looks is a pretty certain indication that it’s more than just curiosity.

Use the above body language tips to attract attention to yourself and to discover the messages someone is trying to send you.

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By Amanda Carrington

Amanda Carrington
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