Barcelona Opens First Sex Doll Brothel

First Sex Doll Brothel

A ‘BROTHEL’ where punters can pay £70 to romp with a SEX DOLL has opened in Barcelona.

Lumidolls, which operates from an apartment in the Spanish city, has four synthetic working girls for punters to enjoy.

Clients are invited to request clothing and positions for encounters with their “mates” in a private room in a downtown Barcelona apartment.

Romance is not required.

Organisers claim that several sessions with the silicone beauties have already been reserved.

There are four dolls to choose from, all with female body features, and the club promises each one is washed and disinfected with anti-bacterial soap before it is re-used! Clients are asked to use condoms.

Each of the dolls weighs 40 kilograms and are made from silicone. These dolls can cost upwards of £4,300.

Meet The Ladies!

European Sex Doll Katy

Katy is a 170cm tall doll with large breasts and is “very realistic to the touch”.

She is modelled on a European woman and has a “penetrating gaze”.

Niky Sex Doll

Niky is 165cm tall and has a “sculpted body” and is described as the “perfect submissive”.

Lily Sex Doll

Lily is from Asia, according to the website, and is “hard to distinguish from a real woman”. She will “gladly please you in everything you want and demand”.

Aki Sex Doll

Aki is for fans of Japanese animation who have always wanted to experience sex with one of the hyper-sexualised characters. She has bright blue hair.

I don’t know about you, but I find this rather ridiculous. Who is desperate enough or has enough money to throw away on bedding a corpse.

My advice would be, Fellas at least your own hand is alive!!

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By Amanda Carrington

Amanda Carrington
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