How to Rock Office Chic on a Daily Basis

How To Rock Office Chic

Business casual or office chic attire may be the most difficult style to pull off, but it’s also the most satisfying and comfortable wear possible when it comes to work.

Luckily, more and more companies around the world opt for a more relaxed version of dressy attire so that employees can still express their personality without looking plain and uniformed. But what makes this kind of professional style chic and fun to rock on a daily basis?

How do you properly incorporate different pieces into this unique look?

Keep on reading and you’ll find out.

The Outfit Formula

Layering is still a great part of all trendy outfits and that includes office chic. Therefore, outfit combinations should definitely consist of three or more garments.

Keeping it professional, blazers and cardigans will still be your best friends. However, you have more freedom to choose the fit and pattern of the said items. Together with a skirt/pants + top/shirt/blouse combination, you have a lot of freedom when putting these outfits together and just a couple of restrictions.

When To Say No

When To say No

With the possibility to dress up in a business casual manner, a lot of people are tempted to incorporate jeans in their outfits. Still, denim is not really appropriate for a professional environment. But, don’t worry – modern tomboy fashion has a lot of choices bottom-wise that would still be very comfortable but at the same time dressier.

Speaking of the dressy theme, it’s also important to know that there are different types of dressy. Basically, disco gear and sequin materials have no place in a working atmosphere.

Also, showing too much skin is still considered inappropriate, so pay attention to this detail as well.

Things You Can Rock

Sticking to the outfit formula, you can definitely make it more to your personal liking. Apart from really bright neon colors and sparkly details, you can basically get away with any other pattern and color of your preference.

Moreover, you have greater freedom when it comes to accessories. Think about what you would wear every day to complete your look. Scarves, tights, belts and jewelry are all welcome in an office chic style. Of course, when it comes to jewelry, you wouldn’t wear a ton of bling on a daily basis, would you?

And when tights and stockings are concerned, just remember that sexy doesn’t equal dressy.

The Lightness Of Foot

Light On Foot

Thanks to business casual style, you can ditch plain-looking shoes as well as high heels if they’re not something you’re into. Basically, you can rock whatever footwear you like as long as it’s not too street-style.

This means that you should avoid overly casual and gaudy shoes. In that respect, sneakers may not be the best option, but you can still enjoy flat footwear that matches your style. That doesn’t mean that heels are out of the question. If you feel good in those, get yourself a pair of amazing stilettos.

When you’re putting an outfit together to match the office chic look, remember that you should feel comfortable wearing it to work and going about your day. Keep in mind that things you wear around the house or for a night-out do not equal an everyday chic look.

Casual yet dressy fashion style is appropriate for both formal and informal occasions. If you try and rock this style, you will look your best at work, family dinner or in a semi-formal restaurant – but at the same time, you won’t be too dressed up for a casual coffee with your friends.

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By Peter Minkoff

Peter Minkoff
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