6 Tips to Battling the Holiday Blues

Battling The Holiday Blues

The holiday season can be a magical time and many people wait all year to decorate their house, wrap presents and join in their favourite holiday traditions.

Social media is flooded with cheery posts showcasing everyone’s happiness and good fortune.

Unfortunately, not everyone has reasons to celebrate. There are people all over the world who struggle with depression during the holiday season due to bad childhood memories, financial hardships, dysfunctional family gatherings and unhappy home situations.

It becomes increasingly difficult to cope with their personal problems when they are surrounded by other people loudly enjoying the holiday festivities.

If you’re suffering from depression, mental illness or seasonal blues, there are a few things you can do to make life a little easier.

Battling the Holiday Blues

1) Take a Social Media Break

Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are filled with images of beautiful Christmas trees, fun family dinners and lavish gifts.

Limit the time you spend scanning the newsfeed by participating in other forms of entertainment.

Social media pressures

2) Spoil Yourself

If you can afford to treat yourself to a spa day or vacation, that would be ideal.

If money is one of your financial struggles, create your own spa day. Buy some bubble bath, light a candle and take a long hot bath. If that’s not something you’d enjoy, take an afternoon nap, read a book, or watch your favourite, non-holiday movie.

It’s always important to make time for your own wellbeing, especially when you’re battling the blues.

Treat Yourself

3) Avoid Busy Shopping Centers

Even people who love the holidays can lose their cool amongst the crowds of crazy holiday shoppers.

You can buy gifts online, visit small local retailers or go shopping during non-peak hours.

Busy Shopping Mall

4) Help Those in Need

There is nothing more rewarding then volunteering or donating to someone less fortunate.

It will help you appreciate everything you do have and give you that warm fuzzy feeling that comes with being charitable.

Help Someone Less Fortunate

5) Be More Productive

It may be challenging to shake off the holiday blues long enough to accomplish something, but it will always be worth it.

You can pick up extra hours at work, organize your house or release your stress with a heart-pumping workout.

Be productive

6) Spend Time With Those Who Matter

If an unhappy home life is dragging you down, spend extra time with close family member or friend outside of the home.

Overwhelming bouts of loneliness are common during the holidays, so find someone else who maybe lacking the holiday spirit and be there for each other.

Spend Time With A friend

Battling the holiday blues isn’t easy.

If you’re past or current situation is making it difficult to get into the holiday spirit, try one of the tips above.

If you’re still struggling to cope, reach out to a professional. Sometimes talking about your feelings is the only way to overcome them.

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By Jenn Sadai

Jenn Sadai
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