The Art Of Tease: Erotic Massage

The Art Of Tease Erotic Massage

Erotic massage is all about seduction and teasing; creating the perfect build-up to pleasure without actually fulfilling anything. This crescendo of euphoria makes erotic massage one of the most intense experiences you’ll ever have, whether you’re a man or a woman.

If you’re interested in performing erotic massage on your partner, or you simply want to find out more about it to have it in your arsenal, you’ll need to first figure out what makes the ultimate massage.

The erotic version of massage includes sensual touches and gentle caresses that makes it much more pleasurable, while normal massage is all about soothing the muscles and un-tensing the person being treated.

However, either version definitely has one thing in common – both parties must sync themselves in order for the massage to be as enjoyable as possible. An atmosphere of relaxation and calm must be achieved, which will then be filled with electricity when the erotic massage begins.

What you need to carry out an erotic massage

You’ll need quite a few things for your erotic massage to be a success; both physical and material.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Time and Patience

Erotic massage isn’t a speedy process. In order to build up to the overpowering pleasure it can inspire, you’ll need a good few hours and a lot of patience, no matter which side of the massage you’re on.

If you’re giving the massage, you’ll have to read your partner’s response to each and every motion you do. Any noises they make, whether they tense their body, what their facial expressions are saying (if you can see this) and how their atmosphere feels will all tell you this.

When it comes to being patient though, you’ll have to give your partner time to build up to the required level of pleasure for the erotic massage to be completed. This can take a long time, as everyone is different and some people will take a long while to reach this point.

The perfect setting

You can perform erotic massage in any private and quiet setting, although it can be a good idea to enhance the mood with some incense or candles – just like Calinda Carlisle does in her After Dark sensual story.

You can also play soft music, and it’s a great idea to use a water based lotion or massage oil to heighten sensation during the massage.

The ability to build your partner up

You can’t jump straight into the erotic part of erotic massage without giving your partner time to reach you there. You need to focus on massaging other areas of their body that will make them relax and will get them into a meditative state that will heighten every single touch.

Pay close attention to their neck, shoulders, toes and back to help them to un-tense their muscles and de-stress.

An understanding of sensual zones

What really makes erotic massage the ultimate experience is the gentle caressing of the body’s sensual zones. These are the areas that are never touched during normal massages, such as the inner thighs, pelvis, extreme lower back and chest. These areas will help your partner to feel an increased level of pleasure that will bring them to the edge time and again.

Erotic massage is an unbelievable experience, for both the person being massaged and the massage therapist.

by Aurora Johnson on behalf of Pearl London, the erotic massage specialists in London.