My List Of 6 Things To Relax About During The Holiday Season

My List of 6 Things to Relax About During the Holiday Season

Sometimes, we just have to stop caring. I don’t mean about those things that are priorities in our life. I am talking about those things that just do not matter.

It’s the holidays! We should be focusing on happiness and joy and bring a bit of happiness to those around us – not worrying about things that really don’t matter. We should be focusing on creating memories with people we care about and not focusing on impressing people with which we hardly have interaction. So, in the spirit of relieving stress and keeping the holiday spirit alive, I offer that there are certain things that just do not matter in life. Here is my list of things I resolve to leave behind in the “I don’t care” file!

What I eat or don’t eat!

It’s the holiday season! Come on! It’s time to indulge ourselves with all of the tastes that abound. While I strive to eat healthy, I refuse to guilty about that cup of egg-nog, that extra cinnamon roll, that piece of chocolate pie (pumpkin pie, apple pie – you insert the appropriate pie here…). For my vegetarian friends, I used to be one too! It’s about what we choose to eat. So I refuse to feel guilty about enjoying my holiday feasts. I will give thanks as my ancestors did to those beings that gave their lives for my sustenance and strive to eat only those foods that are grown with care and compassion. But, I will eat that damn piece of pie, and enjoy that helping of mashed potatoes, and savor that piece of turkey (free range only – after all I can only go so far).

Finding the perfect gift for the people I love!

I know, I want to purchase a gift that will please my daughter, son-in-law, friend … (you insert the right person here). I want to be thoughtful and not just buy any old thing. It’s the thought that counts right? Sort of! I will be thoughtful and selective making sure I capture the essence of what I want to give, but the perfect gift? There is no such thing! I know my daughter, son-in-law, nephew, niece, etc. (again, insert the right person here), and I will buy something that is thoughtful. This is from my heart to theirs. So, I will buy from my heart. And keep the gift receipt, just in case it is returned.

Wondering if my gift will be returned!

It doesn’t really matter does it? I firmly believe the old adage, “What I don’t know won’t hurt me” goes here. So, I bought my daughter a Pioneer Woman serving bowl. She loves it, but has six of them. She returns mine for some extra plates. So what? She loves the gift and turned it into something that better serves her. I’m ok with that. My world will not end because we didn’t eat out of my serving bowl next family get together.

Impressing old friends and acquaintances!

Maybe it’s because I am quickly approaching an age in that I don’t need to impress anyone anymore. Or maybe I just don’t feel the need, but my life just doesn’t depend on another’s approval. The only one that I need to impress is me! Well, and my editor …. Remember, your life belongs to you! No one else! Impress yourself with your shining ways. When you care about yourself, it shows to others.

Worrying about the future!

Who cares if you don’t know what you are doing in the next few years? Does it really matter that you don’t have a plan of action to achieve success? If I have learned anything in the past few years, it’s that things change – quickly! Believe me, I thought I would be in a completely different place than I am now. Life happened, and plans changed. Goals were adjusted. I moved from Plan A to Plan ….. I think I’m on Plan M by now. Remember, if Plan A doesn’t work, there are 25 other plans to go! Don’t get me wrong here. I am a very motivated and goal oriented person, but I know that, if nothing else, flexibility is key to success and happiness. And I am very flexible … well, in spirit, anyway. My body? Not so much, anymore! So don’t worry about Uncle Bob or Aunt Susie and their questions about where you are heading in your future. You know your heart, so follow that!

There’s my list of my “I don’t care” file. It all comes down to honoring ourselves during the holidays and thereafter. After all, if we don’t take care of ourselves and our happiness, we cannot take care of others.

So, go! Enjoy the holiday season – shopping and indulging in yourself for a bit. Don’t stress about the little things. As for me? I’ll take that extra piece of pumpkin pie, thank you very much!

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By Camille Wylde

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