Five Easy Steps To Bring The Holiday Sexy On!

5 Steps To bring The Holiday Sexy ON

Holidays bring visions of romantic interludes in the snow. Beautiful gifts of love wrapped in sparkling tinsel. Cuddling with our romantic partner with hot chocolate and sexy music in the background. The pleasure of Christmas love is in the air. The song “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” comes to mind, right? Ah, holiday love.

Do I hear a screeched halt?

Are you kidding me?

I have Holiday shopping to do. The kids have pageants to go to. The family is coming. I’ve got a house to clean, baking to do.

Holiday Love?

What I need is a Holiday Clone! I am not feeling holiday sexy or much in for romance right now!

This is the time of year when “getting your sexy on” is more important than ever. Why? It’s so easy to lose touch with ourselves and lose touch with the romance in our lives. Most importantly, we become robots and hardly feel like the sex kitten we know we are inside. This is a time for sweats, boots, and just making do with what we have, right? Nope! This is the time to let that sex kitten out of the bag. A woman that feels sexy IS sexy! But how?

Planning, baby, planning!

Make a holiday date with yourself and, if you have a partner, let him/her in on the fun!

You can bring the sexy back and stay the sex goddess you know you are – even in the holiday rush. It’s all about the mind. And it’s all about making an evening for you and your partner. So, find a babysitter for the kids and plan an evening.

If you are single, then make a date for yourself and keep it!

Take these 5 easy steps to light the romantic fire!

1. Dim The Lights & Light The Candles

Nothing says romance like soft lights and candles. Features are softened and romance is in the air with soft shadows setting the mood.

2. Turn On The Music

Music may soothe the savage beast, but this is when the savage beast does not need to be tamed. Slow music may bring out the sensual side, but a hot beat will bring out the wild side. Try something a little different.

3. Scent The Air

Try spritzing a sultry perfume on yourself and on the sheets. Don’t over do it, though. Less is definitely more tonight.

4. Slather Your Body In Oil

Oil brings a sheen to the body and makes the skin soft and silky. Choose a body oil in the same scent of your perfume. Substitute the perfume with the oil. Soft sexy scents with soft sexy skin. Who could resist?

5. Above All… Change Your Character!

Go from tame to sexy seductress. Splurge on enticing lingerie or tempting corsets and play the role of temptress.

If you really want to feel the part, even in the rush, go straight to step number 5!

Sex therapist, Ian Kerner, PhD, author of  “She Comes First”, says that wearing lingerie or corsets that are  just a little more risqué than usual, builds confidence in a woman and makes her feel like she is playing the role of the sultry seductress. Confidence? Sexy and wild? Yeah, how you feel is how the world sees you. And there’s nothing like feeling sexy when out shopping for the holidays.

If you are partner free, then make that date with yourself. Go with the same 5 steps, and invest in some great play toys. It’s all about you!

Invest in yourself as you prepare for the holiday rush! Don’t let yourself get caught in the fray. And who knows? You just might rekindle a fire that has been smoldering! As for how you feel inside? Irresistible, Baby!

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By Camille Wylde

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