10 Sex Toys You Probably Didn’t Know You Had In Your Home

10 Sex Toys You Probably Didn't Know You Had In Your Home

Did you know that, with a little imagination, your home could be full of unsuspecting sex toys?

Next time you’re feeling a little frisky don’t bother running down to your local Ann Summers, use your imagination instead. Your home is a haven of sex toys if you just take the time to look around and use your imagination.

Now, I’m not talking cucumbers and bananas here, I’m talking all the things that surround you every single day in your home.

Let’s see what my imagination can give you as far as suggestions go…

The Pearl Necklace


When used with a healthy dose of lubricant (always better water-based), a pearl necklace can be transformed into a very chic way to stimulate the clitoris or give a very sexy hand job.

If you don’t own a string of pearls maybe now is the time to suggest you’d like some.

There are many more things you can do with pearls but that’s for another day.

Make Up Brush

Make Up Brush

A make-up brush, you know, a typical blusher brush with the soft bristles, also doubles up as a 2 in 1.

You can use the wooden handle as a dildo and the bristles can be used to tease and titillate your partners body. Try behind the knees, back of the ears or under the arms.

If you’re blindfolded it will feel even better. A similar alternative is the feather duster.

Electric Toothbrush

Electric Toothbrush

The electric toothbrush is one of the most obvious sex toys we have at home.

With its vibrating and rotating head, plenty of fun can be had with this little bathroom accessory. Try wrapping a silky fabric over the bristles and gently move it over the body or desired area. You can even buy vibrator heads to put on top of the toothbrush head.

Feel those vibrations tingle your senses.

The Hairbrush


The good old hairbrush has come into it’s own since Fifty Shades of Grey. A spanking with the flat wide side for the kinky ones amongst you maybe! You can also give a very stimulating body massage with the bristles by gently rubbing them over your partner’s body.

The Tie


The tie is ideal for creating a refined and sensual blindfold.

It can also be used to tie hands or feet, whatever takes your fancy. Add a few drops of perfume for an even more sensual encounter. Pull him towards you with it, remove it and blindfold him.

Try it sometime.



A pair of stockings can be more than just sexy when on your legs.

These too can be used to bind you or blind you. So if you fancy a little soft bondage you don’t need to buy expensive kits just get your stockings out.

His tie and your stockings, you are already onto a winning combination.



The candle is a classic, not only to create a sexy seductive atmosphere.

The candle can be used on it’s own as a dildo obviously but if you are feeling a little more adventurous you can use it to drip hot wax onto each other’s skin.

It is easily washable and also easily manipulated into any other sex toy shape you want.



You don’t need to be spending a fortune on exotic stimulating oils that give hot and cold effects when you can make your own.

Use a base oil for the body, such as almond, and add spices depending on the desired effect. For heating oil try cinnamon and cardamom, for a cooling effect try ginger and mint.

Be careful not to use them as a lubricant with condoms as oil fats will dissolve latex.

The Belt


For those wanting to play a little harder, a belt is the perfect substitute for an expensive leather whip.

Never use the buckle side, keep that firmly grasped in your hand. You can use the leather to gently smack your partner’s buttocks or just lightly drag it down their body.

The Clothes Peg

The Clothes Peg

Again, for the kinkier of you out there, don’t waste money on expensive nipple clamps. Try the good old plastic peg!

I’m sure most of you will be all too familiar with the peg and not just when hanging out the washing. Ouch!

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By Amanda Carrington

Amanda Carrington
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