An Ode To My Bath Tub ~ Funny Poem About My Hot Soak In The Water

An Ode To My Bath Tub by Amanda Carrington

How could I miss an opportunity to scribble An Ode To My Bath Tub?

The place where I spend so many long nights soaking up the heat with a few glasses of wine, surrounded by candles and sweet smelling bath salts.

The place where I create and conjure up ideas with the gentle hum of music in the back ground. The bath tub is one of my favourite places and I have to say some of my best ideas have been born right there in the tub.

Someone suggested that, like Joey Tribbiani from friends, I was able to scribble about anything and make it sensual much as Joey could say anything and make it sound dirty. Maybe I have the knack, I don’t know but I actually find bathing a very sensual thing to do.

So, let’s see how sensual I can make the bath tub sound.

An Ode To My Bath by Amanda Carrington

An Ode To My Bath Tub

I slip inside your wetness
I immerse myself in you
You feel so hot upon my skin
It’s pain but pleasure too
My thighs and breasts are covered
With your creamy white delight
I feel your weight upon me
But I don’t put up a fight
You instantly relax me
You make me feel so calm
I lather up my body
Causing stirrings with my palm
The heat beneath the surface
Is hotter than Satan’s hearth
Now pass the wine it’s almost time
To get out of this bath

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By Amanda Carrington

Amanda Carrington
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