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Female Fantasies 4

Female Fantasies ~ Part 4

I want to first thank the beautiful and amazing Amanda Carrington, editor-in-chief of VoElla online magazine, for the opportunity to write a guest post. The topic is female fantasies. I was super excited to write about this matter, as most imaginations can be labeled as racy or taboo to some people. That is right up my alley, pushing the boundaries and writing about subjects that are typically shied away from.

Human Sexuality

I want to discuss human sexuality first. Every person is unique, born and bred differently. No two people are the same, just as every sexual taste is diverse. I’m a writer and create stories in the erotic genre, but I have studied human sexuality and took a course labeled such in college. It was interesting and very informative. It seems, the past several years especially, that people are becoming more comfortable touching on such matters.

Literary creations on erotica have been around for years, but not as popular as they are now. They are becoming more widely accepted and women along with men are embracing such themes, reading and fuelling their daydreams.

I recently visited New York City for my first book event. I had the chance to visit the Museum of Sex on Madison Avenue. Yes, there is a museum of sex in the heart of NYC, and I could spend hours writing about what I saw. They had everything from live streams of sensual happenstances to old chastity belts for women and aged erotic sketches. My favourite part of the museum was confessions from real people.

There were four telephones on the wall. When you picked one up, a recording started playing as the individual declared their sexual escapades and encounters (considered taboo to most people). One that I listened to wasn’t a fantasy, it was a reality for the woman. She had bedded two men at once on many occasions, and told her tale very descriptively. I was captivated and had to continue to listen to the words that the woman was admitting. The Museum of Sex in NYC is incredible and educational to say the least.

Fantasy: the capacity or motion of envisioning things, particularly effects that are unlikely or unmanageable.

A fantasy is just that, something thought of but rarely spoken about. I got the idea from one of my friends (who I promised would remain anonymous). Then I also heard about it from another lady. With those revelations along with my experience at the Museum I decided to touch on the matter of two men and one woman.

Clearly this is something that women have thought of before, but don’t speak of. Is it really that forbidden? In fact, there are many erotica pieces that I have read in that past few years that center around this very subject.

How many women wish to be with two men at once? If you ask a man if they would enjoy two beautiful women during one sexual encounter, more than likely they would answer yes.

Why can’t women wish for the same, yearning to feel two men?

So, let’s get down and dirty while I allow you a look into my imagination as I tell the tale of one woman’s ultimate lust-filled, passionate fantasy…

The Fantasy ~ Two Men One Woman

One woman, two hot-blooded men, one passionate evening that will never be forgotten. She was out of town for work. That Wednesday had been the same as all the other business trips she’d been on. Working for an international sales and marketing firm was exhausting for her, and she didn’t have much time to date let alone be intimate with a man

She was almost thirty, but most days she felt much older. Her life had been centered around her career and she often thought about what her life would be like if a bit of excitement graced it.

Yeah right, she thought.

After the monotonous afternoon going over numbers and such, she gathered her briefcase and suit jacket and headed out of the board room of the ritzy five star hotel. She took the elevator down to the ground level, counting her steps as her patent leather heels clicked on the marble floor.

She sat down at the bar and sighed, deciding to go with her usual glass of pink Moscato.

“What’ll it be ma’am?” asked the six-foot-something bartender.

She gave him her order, trying her best not to stutter. She did that often when she got nervous, and hot men made her anxious. She was a beautiful woman, but self-conscious as most were. Her tummy fluttered with delight and she studied his dark features, trying to memorize them until she had a few glasses of wine and headed up for a steamy shower to relieve her sexual frustrations. Yes, indeed, she planned on thinking of him while pleasing herself.

Four glasses of moscato later, she grabbed her belongings and stood up. Damn, she hated when she did that. She didn’t feel drunk until she became erect, but her head swirled about. She took a few moments to compose herself, then she was interrupted.

“Fancy some company? My shift is over,” said the bartender who resembled a Grecian god.

Screw it. I’m going for it, she thought.


“My buddy is in from out of town. He’s due to meet me any time. Can he come along?” asked Mr. Sex-on-legs.

“Of course,” she said, allowing a lazy grin to splay across her face.

Twenty minutes later, she was leading them up to her suite. She fumbled for her card to open the door. Her heart was beating a million miles an hour, but she didn’t care. The thought of being alone with two gorgeous men was overwhelming her senses and she would need to change her panties soon, for they held the evidence.

The bartenders friend was god-like as well, his features the opposite. His dirty blonde hair was mused and his blue eyes piercing. He was shorter, but nonetheless attractive.

Before she had time to process her actions, their heated gazes were fixated on her as she unbuttoned her blouse and allowed it fall off her body. The idea of them filling her at the same time made her go into the most frenzied of states. She unclasped her bra and removed her skirt, then her lace thong.

She wanted exhilaration, she got it. Mr. Bartender stood first and set fire to her lips with his. Mr. Blue Eyes walked over to her and snaked his arms around her, cupping her full breasts and teasing them wildly. Sensory overload was an understatement for the young woman. She was sure it was a dream. But the feelings she felt reminded her they weren’t.

An hour later, the young woman sat there welcoming the throbbing ache between her legs. The two best friends laid on each side of her in a sated slumber. Their even breaths in synchrony as were their thrusts before when they filled her in unison.

This is a trip I will never forget, she said to herself as she allowed her eyelids to claim rout and fall into a peaceful sleep, welcoming the dreams that had just become her reality moments before.

I want to give my gratitude to Amanda Carrington for giving me this opportunity to write a guest post for VoElla. It was much fun and quite refreshing writing something outside of my series. I welcome reader’s feedback, so feel free to post your comment below and share a fantasy of your own if you wish!

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By Mary Palmerin

Mary Palmerin
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