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VoElla Poetry Challenge

VoElla Poetry Challenge

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A Tattered Heart by Amanda Carrington

A Tattered Heart by Amanda Carrington

On Tuesday I wrote a poem, A Tattered Heart, on a picture that absolutely captivated me. A picture that could be interpreted in a million different ways and translated into a thousand different scenarios. This gave me an idea to ask some of my favourite wordsmiths to cast their spell over this same picture. I’m so excited to see what they will see in this image. I will be using this post to add the poems one at a time so you get the full impact of each one. Upon receiving all entries we will put up a poll so you can all vote for your favourite version. Just for fun of course.

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[tab title=”Deidre”]

Prisoner of Love by Deidre Mayrick
Prisoner Of Love Deidre Meyrick

Prisoner Of Love Deidre Meyrick

war torn and
battle hardened
imprisoned love
without a pardon
cast out
time and again
seeking solace
amongst friends
at the seems with grace
desperately needing
to see hope’s face
pierced repeatedly
by paralyzing fear
yet love presses on
and perseveres

Deidre Meyrick | Twitter | Blog |



[tab title=”Megan K”]

This Here Is My Heart by Megan Kay
This Here Is My Heart by Megan Kay

This Here Is My Heart by Megan Kay

This here
is my heart
I know
I’ve ignored it
and bruised it
Yet here
it’s remained
inside me
since my very beginning

This here
is my heart
Each beat
repeatedly blessing
my very being
I know
I’ve been abusive
Yet here
it’s remained
pounding out
my lying brainwaves

This here
is my heart
Fighting for the right
to be loved
Artfully bleeding
out crafty arteries
just to feed me
I know
I haven’t earned its devotion
Yet here
it’s remained
patiently awaiting
the death of my ego

This here
is my heart
It’s been torn apart
Shattered and scattered
Repaired post despair
It’s been toyed and tossed
Completely lost
Drained to the point
of revival for survival
I know
I’m ashamed
Yet here
it’s remained
for me
to wake up
and fully embrace

Pure pulsating love….

Megan KayTwitter | Blog |



[tab title=”Lisa F.”]

Patchwork Rhythm By Lisa Fulham
Patchwork Rhythm by Lisa Fulham

Patchwork Rhythm by Lisa Fulham

No longer steady
No longer strong
The beat is now broken
The rhythm all wrong
Cracked and hurt
Burst at the seams
My heart is all tattered
And tied together with string
A patchwork of love
No longer requited
A cross stitch of tears
I’m unable to contain
My hearts on my sleeve
Where it’s always been
Open and hurt
Yet still beating
I live in hope
That one day it will mend
Until that day
I entrust it to you
My friend

| Lisa FulhamTwitter |Website |



[tab title=”B¨Father”]

Torn To Shreds by The Bogfather
Torn To Shreds By The Bogfather

Torn To Shreds By The Bogfather

I bleed
for you
ripped to shreds
I bled
as you left…

every waking moment
of silence
the violence inside me
loathing my stupidity
now solitary
too late…?

pours from me
what intimacy
we had
now broken
evoking memories…Pain
I shiver at losing you
my love now gone
so wrong
stripped bare
in the glare of stark reality
this finality
in total despair…

you died in my arms
now you have peace and calm
wait for me
we will have love
once more…

The Bogfather | Twitter |



[tab title=”T.Snow”]

Time To Love by Thomas Snow
Time For Love by Thomas J Snow

Time For Love by Thomas J Snow

Time can change everything
Days we kissed in fungrounds
Nights we walked through forests
Moments we said goodbye

Time can erase everything
Seconds of passion and laughter
Tears of sudden sorrow
The hand that slips apart

And every time
And every time
I lose your sacred love
There’s damage done
There’s damage done
To the stars above

The places we loved
The music in the dark
Time always reminded us
We could never ever part

Over thousands of years
I loved you once
I saw you as forever mine
Yet over and over
I lost your heart
And said goodbye to time

And in every life you come again
To see what we can find
And in every life I mend our hearts
and say hello to time

And every time
And every time
I lose your sacred love
There’s damage done
There’s damage done
To the stars above

Battered is the heart that never loved
Yet wilder still is mine
Every scar is our lost love
And a kiss from time


Thomas J Snow | Website | Twitter |



[tab title=”D.Blake”]

Desolate by Darwin Blake

Desolate by Darwin Blake

My tattered life, those words so cold.
I sit alone…among the embers of what used to be.
Images burning in my mind.
Like snapshots of my life.
Smiles and laughter.
Those precious moments.
But still she laughs.
Not behind my back.
Oh no.
She laughs in my face.
Every day.
She laughs so hard.
A rapturous, manic sound.
And deep within
I hear her cry out.
Deep down under the facade and laughter.
Far below the painted surface of her fixed smile.
Is a heart that wishes things had be otherwise.
Wishes things had not ended so.
You see…she laughs a lie.
She hides her love behind her laugh.
Tears roll down her face now.
Not the funny weep of laughing.
No, the big rolling tears of sadness.
She has laughed so long now.
Laughed until she is hoarse.
Until the air turns dry in her throat and it burns.
But still she laughs.
Still she breaks my heart.
Because she knows no other way.
It’s just not meant to be.
Because it simply is.
What else can I do?
If not thought it would help,
I’d beg.
My teeth would grind and my nails would dig in to my palms until I bled.
The blood that pumps from my heart for her to see.
And I’d gladly bleed for her.
So it makes her smile once more.
If the smile was for me.
That sweet girl with those beautiful eyes.
So full of kindness and love.
But…she’s gone. 
Its the only way.
The only way she knows.
And now my tattered life slowly builds again.
Her laugh may hurt but my walls stand strong.
They have to.
To help my tattered heart.
It heals slowly.
Because the wounds are deep and the laughter cuts like steel.
But my tattered heart will mend.
One day I will stand tall.

Darwin Blake | Blog | Twitter Facebook |



[tab title=”A Tierra”]

Warrior Of Love by Aiasha Tierra
Warrior Of Love by Aiasha Tierra

Warrior Of Love by Aiasha Tierra

How can you love someone so much you let them rule your heart,
You trust in them to guard it …but they tear it right apart.
How do you trust another when it’s happened more than once…
Left to question life … when pain is the response.
And though you’re mad at them, you know the fault is all on you,
Falling in love with the idea of love and deeming it so true..
Each blow you take you cover up and keep it all inside,
You try again … And cry again.. “This’ll be the last time”
But it won’t –
And you know it…
you love …
That’s what you do.
You give it all and hope someone would give it all to you.
The war in your mind of self, worth, of purpose and direction,
Is tuned right in with your heart a simultaneous affliction.
You can never fully give yourself, your heart your love away,
If you cant proudly face the reflection you stare at everyday.
But through all the sham, through all the hurt you’ve fought on like a warrior,
Never giving up on love or belittling your character.
You’re a soldier a fighter, your battle wounds prove it all…
Keep searching till the universe gives you that final call.
And when you find that love you’ve longed for, never bring with it your past.
Your wounded heart will heal in time for pain it never lasts.
Keep searching
Keeping fighting

| Aiasha Tierra | Facebook | Twitter | Facebook |


[tab title=”BL Ronan”]
My Tattered Heart by BL Ronan

My Tattered Heart by BL Ronan

My Tattered Heart by BL Ronan

My heart was mailed
back to me today – unopened
but for a note
scribbled hastily in your hand.

Package refused
due to tattered state.


I held the returned parcel
between my trembling fingers
in anguished torture
as the frayed chords of my heart
severed for the last time.

| BL Ronan | Blog | Twitter |


[tab title=”Deb Lane”]

Battled Heart by Deb Lane
Battled Heart By Deb Lane

Battled Heart By Deb Lane

This battled heart
Is one tough little organ
That still pulses to life
After the injuries & scars
It has received during
The game of love.
As I carefully try to mend it
Thoughts travel back
To where it was once
So innocent and free…
Before it entered into
This crazy game.
So full of hope and promise
In seeking its soulmate
And living the
Happily ever after dream…
I continue to read it, hopeful tales
Of when others have won…
To lift and spur it on!
So maybe one day…
Through lessons learned
In this life or the next
This precious heart
Will finally get to win
And find the love that it seeks!
Deb Lane Blog Twitter |


[tab title=”Mark Davis”]Tattered Heart by Mark Davis

Tattered Heart by Mark Davis

Tattered Heart by Mark Davis

Places it’s been
Things it’s seen
I don’t know where to start
On our own shores
Through foreign wars
Has lived the battered heart
Torn by mistrust
A misplaced lust
Unable not to cheat
Stripped of pride
And cast aside
Still it keeps it’s beat
Throughout each age
A written page
Now sent on the net
Unwanted love
Cast with a shove
A “Dear John” it would get
But through it all
This heart stands tall
It’s will to love not shattered
And knows one day
Will come its way
Someone who’ll love although it’s tattered

| Mark Davis | Blog | Twitter |


[tab title=”PJ.Bayliss”]Tearing Me Apart by PJ Bayliss

Tearing Me Apart

Tearing Me Apart by PJ Bayliss

You once meant everything to me,
you compelled me to breathe,
suckling out my lust seed,
fulfilling my every need.

Kisses softened up my heart,
so it could never tear apart,
you were the whole to my half,
right from the very start.

Yet somehow you always knew,
you would tear me up in two,
scattering the very few,
remaining pieces in the dew.

Why would I forget that night,
as it was barely any fight,
you just said it had been nice,
you turned and then took flight.

I had never been so filled,
with tears that didn’t spill,
ruptured soul had been killed,
to be revived by little pills.

Their toxic venom never ends,
flowing though my every bend,
always pumping until when,
my passion comes screaming to a ….

| PJ Bayliss | Website | Twitter | Facebook |


[tab title=”K Storey”]

Mended by Katrina Storey
Mended by Katrina Storey

Mended by Katrina Storey

Shattered like glass.
A broken heart remains.
Thousands of pieces.
They mare the reflection I see.
My so called happy ending.
What once felt so right.
Now empty and black.
Shut down.
Closed off.
A past full of pain.
Never again.
Feeling numb.
Barren and frigid.
Encased in ice.
My heart is protected.
No connections made.
Nothing can be severed.
I can survive this way.
Looking around.
How long I’ve been here.
In the unfeeling darkness.
Suddenly disoriented.
So strange a feeling.
A warmth fills me.
Sunbeams stretch.
Reaching out.
Melting my defenses.
Letting in light.
Banishing the dark.
Stitching the pieces back together.
Scars slowly mended.
Somewhere deep within.
My heart begins to beat…

| Katrina Storey | Website | Twitter |


[tab title=”S Sabsam”]

Shaped Heart by Sabine Sabsam
Shaped Heart by Sabine Sabsam

Shaped Heart by Sabine Sabsam

Shaped heart, soft disease,
Mail for love and tenderness,
Display bloody veins and sorrow.
Through an ancient tale of memories,
Words vanished over the ocean,
Flying over vanity cases,
Telling the essence of love.
You were my soft illness,
The one I wouldn’t trade for an empire,
Words calling me like a whispered melody.
Pan wouldn’t call it mere reality,
notes flooding through the walls
Building endless soul mate bonds.
My disguise is your pride,
Stitches aren’t more priceless than the course,
May the flight sustain your words,
Those precious words of poetry,
I love them more and more,
A spirit for a special soul.| Sabine Sabsam | Blog | Twitter |


[tab title=”S Gonzalez”]

My Broken Heart by Shannon Gonzalez
My Broken Heart by Shannon Gonzalez

My Broken Heart by Shannon Gonzalez

A broken heart can sometimes be mended to love again. But try and piece it together with more lies and half hearted apologies, it will turn black and dark over years of unforgiven disdain.

A broken heart can heal over time but the scars of what was done will never fade completely.

A broken heart cannot be seen by the naked eye or by physical contact, but you know its there. 
A broken heart can be felt only by your soul as it bleeds out the unspoken emotions of your lovers duplicity.

My broken heart will be pinned to my chest like a badge of courage for all to see until the day a more worthy soul pieces it back together with unconditional love and admiration.

| Shannon Gonzalez | Twitter |


[tab title=”TL Wilkins”]

The Rainmaker by Tammy Louise Wilkins
The Rainmaker by Tammy Louise Wilkins

The Rainmaker by Tammy Louis Wilkins

This vessel within that once thumped has now shattered
By a man she loved, the one that truly mattered
Destroyed into tiny fragments for a second time
This heart has once more lost its rhythm, its melody and chime

The bandages from before “they” began have withered away
Stitches torn apart by his unforgivable betray
What little is left of this soul has been exposed
He knew how much it would eradicate her and yet he still chose

Leaving her life in tatters and a head filled with insecurity
Love’s the one thing she needed yet it evades her with some urgency
He is just as bad as her sibling and the man that ripped her to shreds before
Making her heart bleed, crying as she watches it pour

The sting, the agony, the heartache she’s felt this once already
Now another scar has been added, her existence left unsteady
There are only so many times she can glue the pieces back together
He’s ruined her entirely and now she’s nothing but a insignificant, frail feather

| Tammy Louise Wilkins | Blog | Twitter |


[tab title=”Pte Ryan”]

A Fractured Heart by Private Ryan
A Fractured Heart by Private Ryan

A Fractured Heart by Private Ryan

The fractured, broken heart knowing
That what is wanted and needed is denied
Soul crushing sorrow felt with harsh inadequacies
The stony heart, a souls reflection of lost faith
Useless to me, useless to all
Confused and disconnected the shattered heart fragments
A door of tortured agony opens old scars
So many promised words lost as grace fades
Broken and alone I suffer the dark lament
Eternally cursed to seek past pain
The present needing time to heal
A future left hollow and empty without you
Passionate love so short, pains memory so long
Long nights like this I held you in my strong arms
My nature to fight for what I believed to be true failing
Outnumbered and alone I bleed for you
My heart looks for you, and you are not with me
How can my heart be satisfied that it has lost you
Even savagely hurt and suffering raw emotions
My hearts pumps a brutal cadence
For as long as blood flows
There is always faith, there is always hope
Love, elusive love, shall be found once more inside my fractured heart….

| Private Ryan | Twitter |


[tab title=”K Kat”]
Fragile Heart by Kitty Kat

Fragile Heart By Kitty

Fragile Heart by Kitty Kat

A ripple in time
That’s all I am
A fragile heart
Handle me with care
Tough and strong on the outside
The way I am expected to be
But deep inside my pain
My loneliness hides
Locked tightly in a box
The key missing long ago
My fragile heart aches
Bleeding for what once was
Never healing the same
Never feeling the same again
An instant is all it takes
To change a life forever
Shredded and broken
My fragile heart longs
Longs to beat once more
To feel alive
To feel love
To feel lust
To feel you
Once again.
A fragile heart…is what I am.

| Kitty Kat |


[tab title=”C Lincoln”]
Broken by Cameron Lincoln

Broken by Cameron Lincoln

Broken by Cameron Lincoln

A scab at the core of everything,
Passionless, the beating barely enough.
Boiled pudding-black, wheezing dust and sand,
Rag-doll stitched and razor-wire bound.

Sent off for quick fixing at a workshop,
Sculpting dreams and hopes to mend the ache.
It thumped from a mould it never quite fit
To a sawdust-tossed floor.

Kicked amidst a thousand feet,
Streaking and shuddering to silence.
Juggled, examined, prodded and stretched then
Dropped in a box marked ‘Beyond Repair.’

Mailed home to owner, returned to its place
Hissing and creaking in a cavernous chest.
The fluttering distant, jaded and faded,
But forever still there.

| Mr Cameron Lincoln | Website | Facebook | Twitter |


[tab title=”C Juliette”]
Safe Heart by Caroline Juliette

Safe Heart by Caroline Juliette

Safe Heart by Caroline Juliette

I sent you my heart across the miles
I feel in love with your words and your smile
I thought you would keep it safe wrapped in your embrace
I thought you wanted my heart that you loved me too
Instead you handed it back to me…broken
I’ve been trying to repair the damage
I fear it will never be the same
I’m not sure how to feel anymore
So I’ll pack my heart away
Save it for a rainy day
I will keep it safe myself and never again give it away…

| Caroline Juliette | Website | Twitter |



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By Amanda Carrington

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