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Female Fantasies 3

Since our last post on Female Fantasies I’ve received a lot of emails from ladies sharing their own. Some tame and others wild, some soft, some kinky, but each one as unique and individual as the person it belongs to.

Although many fantasies can be captured in one topic each one remains different. The world of fantasy is as immense as the universe, always throwing new things at us to find and discover. Some people will have the same fantasy forever whereas some will have different fantasies often.

Please remember that these fantasies are just that, they are not real, they are a figment of someone’s imagination that stimulates them sexually. A scenario that you play out in your mind when with a partner or when alone. You can recap on our previous posts Female Fantasies Part One and Female Fantasies Part Two if you missed them earlier.

Female Fantasies ~ Part 3

Here are a couple of your fantasies shared by you our readers, maybe you will recognise yourself or maybe not.

Let’s take a look at what the amazing mind and imagination of a woman can conjure up. Exhibitionism is this weeks favourite fantasy topic.

Public Display

Restaurant Fantasy

Restaurant Fantasy

Ok, here goes. I’ve never shared this fantasy with anyone (anonymously or otherwise) apart from in my writing. And I’ve never been an exhibitionist. But the idea of playing out this fantasy, whether in my dreams or finally living it out, is why I’ll share it.

It’s a weekend night, I’m on my way for dinner with Mr tall, dark and handsome. The cab journey is quiet, the sexual tension crackling in the air, but the sound of the football playing over the radio and the smell of stale smoke from the driver puts a dampener on the Amuse-bouche. We arrive at the restaurant, or favourite spot in the city and are seated in a booth amongst the hustle and bustle of weekend celebrations.

Wine is ordered, a crisp fruity white that I want to devour after a busy week, but choose to savour along with the appearance of the man sitting opposite me. The tension is high, the anticipation of what’s to come later strumming through my veins. But he locks my fidgeting legs between his and I know there will be a prelude.

He slides next to me and places his hand on my knee, squeezing as he caresses my skin. We order our food, my mouth dry, my heart racing and I wonder how far into our meal we’ll get before I can’t take anymore.

The idea that people can see us as his hand moves higher excites me and with one hand bringing my wine glass to my lips as I stifle a sigh. I extend the other to touch him, needing to feel him tense beneath my touch. The intent is clear in his eyes as he gazes down at me, while I try to resist the urge to throw my head back and moan loud enough to attract the attention of fellow diners, and I wonder if I’ll be for starter, main or dessert.

By Anon

Being out in the open or in a public place ranks very highly on the female fantasy list. You can also read our post on Sex In Public Places. Most of us are not exhibitionists but fantasising about being one is quite common. Having an audience or knowing someone is watching but you can’t see them or you pretend you can’t see them is quite an adrenalin rush. Staying on the same theme, here is our next contributor’s fantasy in motion.

A Room With A View

Bell Boy

A Room With A View

I haven’t ever told this fantasy to anyone before and I am never likely to live it out as I am a very shy introvert person in real life. In my fantasies I can be everything I would want to be if I was confident enough. I also think fantasies should be and remain just that, a fantasy.

My fantasy begins in a hotel room where I am staying on business for a work convention. As I step from the shower I hear movement in my room. I take a peek through the crack in the bathroom door and see the bell boy bringing my earlier shopping spree purchases to my room.

He’s young and lean and very attractive, I noticed him upon check in when he took my suitcase. I knock a bottle off the sink and curse as my favourite perfume spills across the marble floor. The bell boy shoots behind the curtains and hides as he realises I’m out of the shower and could walk out naked at any moment. A smile curves at my lips knowing he’s there hiding.

I walk out from the bathroom with only my towel wrapped around me. I drop the towel and lay on the bed and begin smothering my body in Cremé De La Mer body cream. I won’t go into too much detail as not to offend any of your readers, so to cut a long story short my moisturising becomes a little more intimate. I see the movement of the Bell Boy from behind the curtains. His hand movement giving away his actions. He is watching me and getting great pleasure from the view.

Knowing he is there watching me spurs me on until I reach a noisy and shuddering climax. He does the same with stifled breaths and jolted movements. I smile and slide from the bed and move back into the bathroom and close the door. I hear the door gently close as he slips away unnoticed (or so he thinks). Once I’m dressed and ready to meet my colleagues for dinner I go down to the lobby and give him a knowing smile as his cheeks flush.

By Anonymous

This fantasy of being watched by a stranger is also a high runner in the female fantasy stakes. This comes up often in many different scenarios where the woman is an exhibitionist. It’s usually the ladies who are most timid and shy and would never consider doing this for real that have the exhibitionism fantasy.

There are many more, such as, The Stripper Fantasy which is one of the highest ranking in the exhibitionist list.  The thought of men watching them strip professionally, knowing they are aroused, knowing it’s their feminine power that is seducing them. Keep the fantasies coming in ladies.

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By Amanda Carrington

Amanda Carrington
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