Surviving Social Media With Your relationships Intact

How To Survive Social Media (With Your Relationships Intact)

Does being on social media suck you away from your real life? Let’s fix that. Relationships

Americans Don't Understand English

Americans Don’t Understand English ~ Michael McIntyre

How the Americans have simplified our English language to make it easier to understand. Hilariously funny! Funny

Overcoming Performance Anxiety

Overcoming Performance Anxiety

Sex doesn’t always go as plannedbut failing to get aroused or isn’t the worst thing in the world. Love & Sex

Knickers or No Knickers? That is the question!

Knickers Or No Knickers? That Is The Question

Surprising as it may seem, growing numbers of women say they are quietly giving up on knickers… Health

The Female Orgasm ~ Why Do We Fake It?

The Female Orgasm ~ Why Do We Fake It?

You’ve done it. Haven’t you? But why did you fake it? Love & Sex

9 Things To Let Go To Be Happy

9 Things To Let Go To Be Happy

Are you guilty of doing some or all of these? Let’s stop and take control! Empowering

Diaries Of A Desperate Housewife

Diaries Of A Desperate Housewife

Stop what you are doing and take a 5 minute break to read a funny short story! Funny

10 Roleplay Ideas For The Bedroom

Top 10 Role-Play Ideas For the Bedroom

So much fun and a great way for couples to explore their deepest fantasies. Love & Sex

Single In The City - A New Ship

A New Ship

Sometimes, even after everything, you have to give it one more go. Look what happens! Single In The City

G Marks The Spot

‘G’ Marks The Spot ~ Finding The G-Spot

Some say it’s a myth, but others say otherwise. Have you found yours? Love & Sex

Verbal Psychological Abuse

Gray Matter Of Surviving Verbal And Psychological Abuse

How the brain deals with verbal and psychological abuse from children to adults. DV

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Finding Freedom In Forgiveness

Finding Freedom In Forgiveness

Relationships don’t always turn out the way we want them to. Relationships